Christina Aguilera Tears Up You Lost Me

May 27, 2010

Christina Aguilera is receiving tons of critical praise for her performance of “You Lost Me” on American Idol last night. Take a look at a snippet of a fantastic MTV news article below. Click here to read the full piece!

Christina Aguilera Tears Up ‘You Lost Me’ On ‘American Idol’ Finale

Christina Aguilera may have taken a few years off to raise her son, but the singer proved she’s back in a big way on the “American Idol” finale Wednesday night (May 26).

The singer — who will perform at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards on June 6 — tore into a stirring, soulful version of “You Lost Me,” a track from her forthcoming Bionic LP, that proved, if there were any doubt, that she’s got one of the best voices in the business.

Aguilera took the stage after this season’s female contestants — Lacey Brown, Didi Benami, Katie Stevens, Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox — performed a medley of her hits “Beautiful” and “Fighter,” emerging from below the stage to help put the finishing flourishes on the latter, then, as the stage went dark, stepping out into a spotlight for her solo.

Accompanied by somber strings and a piano, hair pulled back in her Bionic curls, and wearing a demure black ensemble, Aguilera started softly, singing about smoking guns, lost magic and the tragedy of a dying relationship, then picked up steam from there as the music swirled beneath her. The middle section of the song was smoky and solemn, Aguilera stretching the notes, then, eyes closed and right arm outstretched, sang for the rafters