November 20, 2013

Tonight was all about TEAM work and TEAM Xtina really were stars. It was such an honor creating such an incredible performance and tribute to the Jacksons. We had a lot of fun with glam, all about putting on a great show.

Hair Stylist David Babaii:
Xtina’s tribute to Michael and Janet inspired her glam squad (which includes me) to create SMOKE N’ MIRRORS as the inspiration behind her hot sexy look. From a smoky eye by Scott Barnes, to my interpretation of curls blasting off with volume and tons of texture created a fab look.

To get her look, I used products that gave me the volume, movement and hold for her rockin’ performance and of course being a spot-on judge. Go team Xtina! So, I turned to Big Sexy Hair products to get the result I wanted. They are right on cue just like Xtina. I started with Big Sexy Hair Big Altitude as the foundation to achieve volume and hold. After applying I rough drying her hair using my hands to lift and create the groundwork for texture. What’s next, well here is where the style comes to life, I carefully sectioned the hair into 4 sections top, crown, sides and nape so not to disturb the texture I achieved. Starting at the nape I took very small sections and curling each strand with small barreled curling irons. I used a 14″ and 12″ sized irons alternating them and also the direction the curls went and held for 10 seconds. Then I carefully removed each curl from the curling iron repeating this until her entire head was full of Big Sexy curls.

To finish, I used Big Sexy Hair Big Boost for added volume, applying it underneath sections of her hair, lifting each section as I worked the product in. Next, with some left over product on my hands, I gently defined each curl and placed them exactly where I wanted them to be. After creating a zig-zag side part, I sprayed her hair with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play. It’s the perfect flexible hold hair spray that gives added volume and resists humidity which I needed under the hot lights.

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Makeup Artist Scott Barnes:
Tonight’s glam slam we like to call Smoke n’ Mirrors! I used Dior foundation in airflash 300. I used translucent powder by Scott Barnes. A peachy pink blush by NARS, but the eyes have it with a chocolate brown by Dior! Then I did gel liner from makeup forever on the whole lid topped off with black eyeshadow from Maybelline as well as expert eyes eyeliner on the inside from Maybelline available at CVS! I used Dior Show mascara along with FLUTTER mink ‘Kim’ lashes to top it off! This look is smokin hot!

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Stylist Simone Harouche:
For tonight’s get the look we went all out with the theatrics!!

Keeping a cohesive hair and makeup look for both performance and chair look was key. So we needed to have a chair look that worked with the dark and edgy glam performance look.

For performance, Xtina wore a vintage Alexander Mcqueen jacket, with norma kamali silver studded hot pants and sexy christian LOuboutin lace up boots.

For Xtina’s chair look, Xtina wore a band of outsiders jacket, with vintage monocle necklace, david Lerner leggings and balmain booties. Jewels by meus.

Hope you liked tonight’s look!

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Christina topped the look off with her signature fragrance Unforgettable.