December 3, 2013

Naughty and Nice, what a great way to start the holiday season. Its always fun to pair a sexy and classic with something more rugged. An updo with leather, a feminine dress with a biker look. mix and match your looks this season.

Makeup Artist Scott Barnes:
It’s that time again! I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! Tonight is all about leather and lace. The finesse of a light playful eye with the demand of an anchoring cherry lip. GET THE LOOK: After contouring the face and applying Dior Airflash 300 to set the stage, I immediately went in to accentuate those bright blue eyes with gel liner from makeup forever, and followed up with my own product Eye Ice in Stardust for the finishing touch. This creates a beautiful shimmering over tone without overdoing it. Of course, I used the always amazing mink FLUTTER lashes partnered with my new mascara- PARTYPROOF!, and applied hourglass lipgloss in icon to integrate and maintain a little bit of Christina’s signature look. It’s simple yet sassy!

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Hair Stylist Craig Gangi:

There is more than one way to rock a French twist. Christina whore a leather biker jacket so I didn’t want her hair to look too polished so I used oribe dry texturizing spray and loosely curled her hair with one inch iron, I twisted the back half of her head into a French twist and pinned; then I loosely pinned front section into the twist in back. The more deconstructed the hair is the more rock and roll it becomes. After hair was in place I sprayed oribe finishing spray to hold waves.

Stylist Simone Harouche:

Tonight, we decided to play with Christina’s tough but chic side. We took a classic sexy bandage dress and added the leather jacket element to give it some edge. What’s hotter than leather?

Christina wore a dress by Herve Leger
Shoes by Christian Louboutin

Earrings by Roseark

Rings by Loree Rodkin

Hope you love tonight’s look!! xo

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