GET THE LOOK – Voice Results Show Last Night

April 9, 2015

Makeup stylist, Kristofer Buckle:

Tonight’s look was a pastel look inspired by the soft colors in the oriental print of Christina’s kimono top. I used a gold cream shadow across the lid by Makeup Forever and a deep green shadow by Inglot on the outer corner. The lips were a pastel sherbet color called “Nude Attitude” from my Kristofer Buckle “Absolute Nude” line available at Costco. Two pairs of whispy lashes gave this look some extra drama that Xtina has made signature.

Twitter: @kristoferbuckle

Instagram: @kristoferbuckle

Hair stylist, Giannandrea Marongiu:

‘The couture braided bun”: I started with wet hair and I applied Macadamia blown dry lotion to smooth and protect the hair from the heat throughout the whole length. I then blow dried the whole hair with a large round brush in large sections very straight. I brushed all the hair upward to the top center of the crown, all the sides and back of the hair must be directed to the top center very tight and the front slightly softer, not as tight as the rest, use a strong hair band and pull it tight into a ponytail. Take a small section from the back bottom of the pony tail, use hair spray on the section to help the hair stay in place while wrapping around the base of the ponytail covering the elastic band. I used straight pins all around while wrapping and smoothing it in place.

Once the ponytail is done, I braided it 3/4 of the way down, tight it with a clear elastic band, leaving 7 inches of straight hair. I twisted the braid from left to right across the base of the ponytail. Next I pinned it in place as I wrapped it around and let the straight part fall by the left ear. I used Macadamia Control hair spray and gently combed out all the fly aways. Finally, I used hair spray to give it the ultimate finish and shine for a glamorous effect. This style is all about a modern Couture chic.

Instagram: @giannandrea1

Wardrobe stylist, Simone Harouche:

Tonight’s look is a personal favorite of mine.

I love the laid back silk floral “smoking jacket”.

In our fitting, we were trying to find ways to work this jacket and we tried a belt around it and suddenly it took on a more kimono jacket style- which Christina always loves!

Hair and makeup really brought this level to the next look with the high braided bun and beautiful makeup that tied in the colors of the jacket.

I love the relaxed but chic vibe of this outfit.

Jacket by: Giada Forte

Pants: Alaia

Belt: versace

Heels: Saint Laurent

Jewelry by:

Rings by: Sara Weinstock + Roseark Boutique

Earrings from Broken English boutique

Necklaces by: Tara Hirshberg & Broken English Boutique



Simone Harouche on twitter @simoneharouche and instagram @simoneharouche