GET THE LOOK – Voice Top 12 Show Last Night

April 14, 2015

Makeup stylist, Kristofer Buckle:

Tonight Christina wanted some color and a liquid liner so I approached her makeup with a rockabilly influence. I lined her upper lid and used gold and browns on her lid and crease. Her dress was a coral so we decided to match it to the dress. I used the Kristofer Buckle always flawless palette and a lipstick by YSL “Le Orange”

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Hair stylist, Giannandrea Marongiu:

“The Rocking Chic Pony”

I started with wet hair and I applied Macadamia Volumizing mousse to the top of the head to maximize volume to the roots and length while increasing thickness all around. Next I blow dried with a large round brush and set the hair in mid sized velcro rollers on top and large ones on sides and back, pinned in place and then let it cool for 15 minutes.

I took the rollers off and brushed the whole head, brushing all the hair upwards to the top of the head slightly back, but still high, using an elastic band to tie the pony really tight on the sides – the back is meant to be sleek. I used Macadamia Control Hair spray to secure and polish the base all around the pony.

Once the ponytail is done I focused on the top part. It has to be high and round in a rock and roll feel, but yet feminine. I brushed the hair back gently and used hair spray with my hands and fingers to create some grooves.

To finish I took a flat iron to the ponytail to make it sleek and smooth, then used a dab of Macadamia oil to shine up the ponytail, sides and back. Finally, I used a small section of the ponytail to wrap the base of the pony to cover the elastic band. I used hair spray allover and passed my hands over the sides to flatten all the fly-aways. This look should be strong playful and rock and roll!

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Wardrobe stylist, Simone Harouche:

For tonight’s look, we were loosely inspired by Tracy Lords in the movie “crybaby.”
A little bit glam and a little rockabilly, but done in Christina’s style.

Christina has been looking really beautiful with her hair up lately- which I Love!!! I gotta give it up to Kristopher and Giannandrea for the amazing hair and makeup tonight!!!

Christina wore a leather jacket by Iro

Coral dress by Ronny Kobo

Shoes by louboutin

Hope you liked tonight’s look!



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Instagram: @simoneharouche