May 13, 2015

Makeup stylist, Kristofer Buckle:

Xtina’s look was a classic for her…full long lashes (by Ardell) warm golden eyes (Kristofer buckle Always Flawless Palette at Costco) and brightest red lip (“Fighter” by Colourpop cosmetics). Glowy and contoured cheeks complete the classic Xtina look.

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Hair stylist, Giannandrea Marongiu:

“The Shag pony”

This particular style requires a Hair Fall (Hair Piece Extension).

Start by blow drying the hair smooth at the roots, brush upward, pulling it all up to the top crown tight it in a elastic band.
Hair spray all around and smooth with a fine comb away the fly aways and I use a bit of Macadamai oil to increase shine.
The Fall needs to be cut prior to being fastened to the head, cut the piece from center in an 45 degrees angle on both sides, meaning that the center is much shorter, all razored in a shag type way, so that both parts that are behind the ear, very sharp and extremely angled towards the chin.

The base of the head is ready to host the fall – wrap it around the pony tail, pin it in place tight with straight pins, then use a small section from the fall and wrap around the base of the pony covering the elastic band, this part is pretty easy to execute. Make sure that the base all around the pony is clean and smooth, finish the look with Flex Hold hair spray, for the pony to move freely. The idea is make it look chic and edgy.

Instagram: @giannandrea1

Wardrobe stylist, Simone Harouche:

Tonight’s look was super chic and modern. Loved the makeup by Kristopher Buckle and amazing high ponytail by Giannandrea.

We went with a bodycon knit Dress that has perfect cutouts to highlight Christina’s shape. I love tonight’s look and felt it was super clean and modern, not to mention sexy!

Dress by Cushnie Et Ochs

Electric blue heels by Saint Laurent

Jewelry by Loree Rodkin



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Instagram: @simoneharouche