May 19, 2015

Makeup stylist, Kristofer Buckle:

Last night Xtina’s look was a monochromatic easy makeup, using the same bronzer she had on her cheeks and eye shadow. The lashes were really what made her eyes pop by adding two pair of thick long false lashes. Lips were casual and a painted a muted pink with a darker lips inner because Christina likes the contrast.

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Hair stylist, Giannandrea Marongiu:

“The mod up do”

Start with wet hair and with a large round brush to create an ample volume all around. Create a short deep side part at the very front and blow dry the bangs forward. Back comb the top and spray dry shampoo to give it a dry texture finish. Using your hand start bringing the hair up and twist the back in a French type twist, take straight pins and secure the look in place – as you move upward make sure that the volume stays.
Take a 1/12 inch curling iron and flip the bang ends a bit to give a curvature, use your hands to shape it in place. Use Macadamia flex hold spray to finish the look.

The idea is that imprecise flyaways are perfect for this up do – it shouldn’t be too perfect, just the right amount of undone.

Instagram: @giannandrea1

Wardrobe stylist, Simone Harouche:

Because it’s finale week, we decided to have fun dressing up more than we have in the past this season. Christina loves sequins and sparkle, the black and bronze sparkle was so beautiful with Kristopher’s makeup. Giannandrea did an amazing up do which made everything come together.

Tonight we chose a dress by MTCostello. To make the look more modern and youthful, we paired the dress with jewelry all from Neil Lane and a black leather jacket by Iro. Shoes were by Christian Louboutin.

Hope you loved tonight’s look!



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