May 4, 2016


Simone Harouche – Wardrobe Stylist

Tonight’s look we went for a mix of fun and edgy.

Christina wore a white leather jacket by Iro that was customized with pins by: Bigbudpress pins, Laser Kitten pins and Macon and Lesquoy.

Skirt by Mugler

Boots by Louboutin

And jewelry by 14 karats Beverly Hills.

Hope you liked tonight’s look.



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Giannandrea Marongiu – Hair Stylist 

“The rocker twisted top bun”

Christina showed up to set with an amazing texture, the preparation for this textured up do was already there from being styled the day before. I prepped the front part with a large round brush to smooth it a bit. I sectioned the top and pinned it aside, as it would be styled last. I took the whole sides and back with my hands and brought it up on top, tying it tight with an elastic band while twisting it – on the last round keeping the ends out. Next I used straight pins to secure it in a top bun, making sure the twisting is visible and the ends of the hair are left out. Next I combed the the top part that was set apart, using my hands and hair spray bringing it up, creating a rocker type of style. Twist the ends around the bun and secure with hair pins. The messy texture on top is a part of this look. I used flex hold hair spray to finalize it.

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Etienne Ortega – Makeup Stylist

For tonight’s look I wanted to do splash of color!!

I went for a turquoise shadow with a warm bronzy crease to enhance Xtina’s eyes. Finishing the eye with a pair of spiky lashes. For Xtina’s lips I lined them with a warm brown tone and used a peach lip balm to finish the look.

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