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Christina Aguilera Takes Time Out For A Worthy Cause!

Christina tells E!News how she is taking time out to help participate in a public service announcement for Yum! Brand’s World Hunger Relief Effort. Christina shares that as a mother giving every child an opportunity is one of her greatest passions! Watch the video below for a sneak peak of the PSA from Access Hollywood.

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  • DragonHeart27 10.05.2011

    Hey Christina
    I so totally agree with Chris on this one, seeing you with short hair and almost no make up when spending time with those kids.... look how beautiful and sexy u look there... I understand you need make up for shows and s*** but u should try the natural look more often Wink and to be honest and in reference to magazine article (which i haven't read, I just saw the title), I never thought u fell from grace, u should really focus on your beautiful vocals and well written songs that inspire many people... keep it up girl!

  • jimjoneswv 08.03.2011

    My hope is that Christina will be able to read this
    comment. I was very sick with the flu for the
    entire month of Feb. 2011 and what helped releive
    my discomfort was watching her movie at least
    once a day. My hope is that she will go back to
    her natural beauty that was shown in the movie at
    the diner as a waitress. She doesn't need any
    makeup - she has inner and outer beauty. She
    is one of a kind - like Cher and Tina. The Voice
    is a good show. However, the fans miss the natural
    beauty of this talented gal. She doesn't even
    know how her fans adore her on and off screen in
    a natural siting example the waitress in the movie
    is tops in my book.

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