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This cover was made for the "Design the Cover of Christina's New CD Bionic" in the website....

I have been awarded in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i just want to share with u and hopefully with Xtina, my artwork!!!!

<a href="" title=""></a>

  • ultim8hunk07 06.26.2010

    LOL, no offense but she looks funny here. But I like your idea. You deserve to win. The photo was really bionic but i think it could more catchy if it is colored. But as a whole it's very cool!

  • Jme_Roc 06.12.2010

    hahaha thats cool man lol but I think she needs some bangs lol hahahaha but good job!

  • awesomegenie 06.01.2010

    Hey your avatar is so cute! Smile

  • Manu_Bionic 05.31.2010

    Thanx u so much!!!!!

  • Madame_X 05.30.2010

    Wow! That's really amazing! No wonder you got awarded first place! Congratz.

  • awesomegenie 05.29.2010

    Nevermind! I found it! This is the contest:
    <a href=";action=viewresults" title=";action=viewresults"></a>

    And this is your entry:
    <a href=";action=viewresults&amp;entryID=5747" title=";action=viewresults&amp;entryID=5747"></a>

    Your cover is amazing! Congrats on winning the contest!

  • awesomegenie 05.29.2010

    Post the link of the contest and I'll help you posting the image. Smile

  • Manu_Bionic 05.29.2010

    Don't know how tu put the image!!! Help me please!

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