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Fans from Mexico

Fans from Mexico

hey anybody from Mexico city?? i want to meet you all!!!!

  • xtinopuemx 06.02.2010

    Im from Puebla

  • Abel 05.30.2010

    And, apparently, that's it =P There are three of us! Are you guys on the official mexican fan club too?

  • eff02 05.23.2010

    I'm from Yucatán.

  • chicolane16 05.22.2010

    its so cool to know that people from all around the world are on this forum (: mexicans are so hot (: lol

  • Abel 05.21.2010

    Hello, there! I'm mexican, too! Greetings from Nayarit! =D

  • manolo2.0 05.21.2010

    great mexican fans!!! what´s ur name? what part of mexico

  • eff02 05.21.2010

    I'm from México!!

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