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Germany waits for you!

Germany waits for you!

Please comm very soon to germany!!!! we miss you su much!

  • todos esperamos ver a xtina algun dia nuevamente de gira

  • AlecXander 01.13.2013

    I loved the show in Oberhausen! Such a shame - over 6 years ... Stripped in Frankfurt was great too! We miss ya! Evene my old neighbor (55) loves your voice Wink Greetz

  • miumiu 02.04.2011

    I do agree... We need to see you again.. you blew us away with your Back to Basics Tour.. now I'm beggin' for more...

    I'd travel to any city in europe to see ya.. but Germany or Switzerland would be very nice... Wink

    love and empathie..

  • xiao__mao 08.28.2010

    when will the tour start? im waiting for my whole life now to see her life. one tour i missed, i was too young to go. then she just had gigs at other side of country.... but now i have possibilities to travel as far as i want girl!!! so pls give out the tourdates Smile im dying for go Smile

  • MaryTale 08.12.2010

    OH YES WE DO!!!!! I'm still in some kind of a trance since 2006 haha.



  • cristina 05.24.2010

    yes! pleeeease come to hamburg again! and for like 4 shows haha <3 no seriously, can't wait to see you again in germany!

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