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BI~ON~IC T-shirts

BI~ON~IC T-shirts


feel free to use them

<a href="" title=""></a>

<a href="" title=""></a>

<a href="" title=""></a>

<a href="" title=""></a>

CREDIT if you will post them on another site. Thanks!

  • xtinarox1113 04.25.2011

    great T-shirts, i love them

  • iambobblehead 03.07.2011

    i wish they would do that shirt xtina once had that said If you dont like it ......

  • CabaretKitten 02.13.2011

    I kinda need these XD

  • SylviaSilvia 02.13.2011

    Love them !!!!and ME TOO “frankyd 09.14.2010
    wow thanks for these i am gonna print them and get some made up
    i love the not myself tonight and the bionic is black”

  • iambobblehead 02.11.2011

    can you do those? i mean i love em but will they let you do it?

  • Cleo Lee 01.23.2011

    I like the one with Christina on it from Not Myself Tonight and it has her name underneath! Love it! Smile

  • kirstyfarrugia 01.06.2011

    Totally fab <3

  • NotTheNorm 10.28.2010
  • nelsonsena 10.17.2010

    OMG! I loved it!!!Congratulations!

  • cathyga 10.12.2010

    Wow they look very cool! Smile

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 09.25.2010

    I wish someone made these and sold them. I'd love to have official new merchandise. Sad

  • frankyd 09.14.2010

    wow thanks for these i am gonna print them and get some made up

    i love the not myself tonight and the bionic is black

  • AllaneZ 08.29.2010

    I love bionic in white and NMT in black....
    Nice !!

  • Beautiful93 08.26.2010

    Good job!

  • xtinasexy 08.25.2010

    donde se pueden comprar estas camisetas??

  • I love these.
    Good job Smile

  • Dazza-Aguilera 06.19.2010

    You are a diamond!!! haha FOOK ENGLAND SHIRTS!!! Smile

  • Kichigai 06.16.2010

    Thanks for sharing.

  • bionic30dirty 06.16.2010

    me gustan tus ideas, una sugerencia christina en blaco y negro sobre una playera roja algunos detalles plata ¿ que dices?

  • miZZraah 06.03.2010
  • XtinaMyLife 06.01.2010


  • awesomegenie 06.01.2010

    This set is amazing:
    <a href="" title=""></a>

    Good work!

  • maxtina 06.01.2010

    cool <3

  • littledreamer♥ 05.31.2010

    AWESOME (:

  • Xtina4ever 05.31.2010

    I like the bottom left T-shirt from the 3rd link

  • BionicFighter 05.23.2010

    I like the top left one and the bottom right one in the second link best. I love all the ones i nthe third link. They all look clean and professional. Good work!

  • eff02 05.23.2010

    Great job XD...thanks 4 the download!

  • mlvcrlive 05.23.2010

    really cool

  • dirrtybeyb 05.23.2010

    good job. thank you Smile

  • ejack682 05.23.2010

    thanks mwahh.. Smile

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