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jessie james

jessie james

hellow iam a new member and sorry for my english because i am not a native speaker

and i am fan of aguilera since i were a teenager but i am a fraid of the new jessie james

(chrisina twain ) because she sound like chritina exactly:(

does she will talke her thrown

  • BlueRoseT2 01.23.2011

    YouTube her. She's really good.

  • I don't know who james is lol. Tongue

  • BlueRoseT2 01.10.2011

    Jessie makes me think she is what Christina would sound like if Christina sang country music, LoL.

  • soulwisper 01.06.2011

    thank you bluerose for the reply

    yes i heard jessie for several times

    and yes sometimes you feel she is christina

    but no she has different voice i think

    but amazing and christina is a great singer

    her voice is nice but i hope she could train her

    voice to make it much stronger especially the low

  • BlueRoseT2 01.06.2011

    I personally like Jessie James and when her first single came out in the states, I thought for a second that it was Christina. But no, she is not replacing Christina in any way or taking over her thrown. Actually, she's been more like a one hit wonder here in the states. I haven't heard much from her or even about her.

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