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A Note From Christina Aguilera

Dear Fans,

I would like to take a moment to clarify something that has been brought to my attention this morning. It is very easy for comments to be taken out of context and create unnecessary drama-especially between us women. So I would like to tell you all directly so my words can not be misconstrued to sell someone else’s story…I have absolutely nothing against Lady Gaga or any other female artist in this business. I think she is great, and I appreciate any woman fearless enough to go against the norm. She has earned her success with hard work and a clear focus and I have nothing but respect for that.
There is room for all of us on everyone’s iPods.

This is not the first time I have been unfairly pitted against another female artist but it will be the last time I comment on the matter.

“Can’t hold us down….”

With love,

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  • materialedward 11.03.2012

    yes girl, you show 'em!! <3

  • AnneRae25 02.12.2012

    Just spotted this. Well Said Christina, I have been saying this all along.. Room for all.. x

  • ms.boykin 01.20.2012

    you go christina you go gril love you

  • I'd never trust what the press said anyway! Laughing out loud
    They just stir things up!
    No one is EVER going to be as amazing as you though!(:
    All your fans will always support you in any way we can. x

  • burlesquebionic 04.28.2011

    christina you're the best

  • lchesney 03.31.2011

    I am the mother of Jeremy Chesney in another section called my bio...I am not sure how it got here, but, it has hurt my husband who i do love dearly and I would like to please have it removed. thank you very muchm Lisa Chesney

  • bsabol 03.18.2011

    Deleted due to misuse of capital letters - moderator's statement

  • AllaneZ 12.18.2010

    Love you Christina...
    Gentle Woman Sexy

  • cathyga 09.21.2010

    I admire U Xtina!

  • GUPPY808 06.03.2010

    "Stand our ground...."

  • vietdnboi 05.27.2010

    That's why you are iconic cuz you encourage woman power among MANY other things....I LOVE YOU!!!

  • candee2 05.26.2010

    Any fan worth their salt would have known that article was deliberately being manipulative. People allow the media to set their moods, I know Christina too well to ever need a statement to set something straight.

  • I am glad she told and telled the truth. I think Xtina is the best also like gaga but Christina is much more the vocalist.

  • Christina, you're amazing.
    You really don't have anything to prove.
    You're such a great inspiration to all your fans Smile
    Yeah, “Can’t hold us down” is right!
    This letter shows how strong and mature you are.. I have so much respect for you.
    iloveyou x

  • sayhello 05.24.2010

    By respecting other artists, u look so beautiful, strong, and mature. Thanks for being such a good inspiration for all your fans. I love u so, so much♥ Keep up the good work! xoxo, from Seoul

  • robz_23 05.24.2010

    So Christina! Class and simplicity, there is enough room on everyone's iPods!

  • Blindo 05.23.2010

    People is jealous, thats all!!!!

  • Bilinews 05.23.2010

    Yes Mama ,Keep On Shining And Doing Your Jobs,Don't Care About Gossips Your'e The One Of Our Eyes And You Really Are.

  • dominicseesyou 05.23.2010

    Yup, Laughing out loud
    Lady Gaga's music might be nice.
    But Christina's will always be nicest.
    Not only among this two women,
    but the whole Music Industry.

  • saleh 05.23.2010

    the one the only Christina Aguilera , yes Can't hold us down , dont ever stop

  • dirrtybeyb 05.23.2010

    yes, christina!! Nothing can't hold us down!! keep going!! Smile

  • Xtina.A.STYLE 05.22.2010

    u have nothing to proove christina, we know that the haters made all this up
    we love ya!!

  • Nefertweety 05.22.2010

    As an artist you have nothing to prove and with years of success behind you (and more to come), you don't deserve all these comments that, anyway, ''can't hold you down''! I have so much respect for that. I'm so glad you're back!!!

  • BionicHoney 05.22.2010

    ur very mature and we love u 4 that.
    u never said anything that was untrue in that interview, she is new and she looks funny. just facts Wink

  • aintnootherfan 05.22.2010

    I think this message is sweet.Xtina doesnt deserve all the hate.

  • latinqueen86 05.21.2010

    This letter proves how mature and strong you are as a woman and an artist. I have nothing but respect for you!

  • AnthonyRawly 05.21.2010

    "Can't hold us down..." - yes exactly, thanks for making me see that as well Christina because you are right, because it is always women that the media bring up against each other, and negativity too Smile It took me a while to get the meaning of adding 'Can't hold us down...' in the note. ROCK ON!!

  • Dr_Jr 05.21.2010

    That´s Right Sugar!!! Nobody Can hold us Down!!!Love U!!!

  • FierceDiva 05.21.2010

    Don't let the high school mentality your industry has get ya down! You have nothing to clarify. People see and hear what they want.Remember they always hate the pretty and talented ones because of their own insecurities.They have been trying to knock you down your entire career, but no one can stop you. Keep your head up and keep giving your fans what you always do, your best and you will be just fine!!!

  • christina your sweet loves ya xx

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