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Anyone got sheet music for Bionic or Burlesque?

Anyone got sheet music for Bionic or Burlesque?

I'm itching to get down on "bound to you" and "Sex for Breakfast" but I'm not that good when figuring out how to play piano by ear so I need the sheet music or failing that a midi file to work from. If someone can point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it.

  • aguileraP.R. 03.22.2011

    El mejore disco del 2010 bionic y el mejor y claro burlesque ,lastima:'-C q la gente no sepa elegir buena musica.HELOoOoO!!! Popopopokerface,papapaparazi tetetetelephone7:^|. Todo suena IGUAL SORRY PERO JAÇÇÇ:-*. CRHRISTINA AGUILERA:-@THE ONE AND ONLY SORRY BABY

  • mynix 03.04.2011

    I'm thinking of buying the Burlesque sheet music, because the songs are great and the sheet music is not expensive.
    By the way I never say Bionic sheet music before.

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