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Tribute to Etta James

Tribute to Etta James

As Etta's big fan, Christina have to pay tribute for her on Grammys 2012. Who's agree with me?

  • AnneRae25 02.12.2012

    I agree that Christina should have got the gig to be honest. To be fair to Alicia Keys she is talented, but i feel that there is a reason that Etta James' family requested xtina at the funeral :/ but hey good luck to Alicia (if she des the Grammys..being in Scotland I am unsure of the setup)

  • ijamseeds 02.11.2012

    maybe it's due to the little miss perfect impression that people get from her. the reason why people love love love to bring her down

  • VixenRose 02.11.2012

    i loved loved this performance! I cried when she began to speak, it must have been so difficult to sing this. And I cried after the song was over. She is just so amazing! Her voice is just gold! And I really love how she has introduced her fans to likes of Etta James, Billie Holiday... thank you Christina!

  • sellout25 02.11.2012

    I LOVE Christina's version of At Last! I love Etta James, too!

  • phantom11 02.02.2012

    Yeah I wouldn't believe them if they said this is earth. Especially that one source I mentioned, *shakeshishead*.

    You know she could find a cure for cancer, aids, end world hunger and they would still complain because she should've done that already rather than singing. That's how bad it is. I just don't get it.

    Nobodies flawless but it's like they just go looking for something, anything to bash.

  • candee2 02.01.2012

    Unless the so called reps come with a name, I never believe the story. That's like saying, someone close to the star or a cousin of a friend's cousin.

    The media always find something to distract people away from her accomplishments. If it was anyone else, they would have been writing about how long Christina had been a fan of this woman and how she always includes a song of Etta's in her sets.

    But because it's Christina Aguilera, the focus has to be on something they can make a negative about. That's why I never spread that kind of thing around, only the stuff that keeps the story on topic, which is, how great she was and her love of Etta.

  • AintNoOtherGirl 02.01.2012

    The one thing that's really annoying me with the whole 'is it her period or tanner?' drama is that many news papers are editing it to make it look redder etc, disgusting. All that matters to me is Christina was invited to the most personal tribute over everyone else Smile

  • BlueRoseT2 02.01.2012

    Many reports are saying that her reps say it was fake tanner. They said she got nervous right before going out to perform and that she started sweating, which caused the tanner to melt. Who knows though.

    I agree with you Stripped713...the top was a little to risque for a funeral.

  • Stripped713 02.01.2012

    lol cant help that great minds think alike. I don't see why everyone is discussing in everywhere anyways. why the media has to make a big deal. if I was gonna discuss anything controversial I would be discussing how her top was slightly less than appropriate attire for a funeral.

  • AllaneZ 02.01.2012

    The video hit 4 million views!! Legend!!

  • candee2 01.31.2012

    hmmm Rach, get out of my head.

  • Stripped713 01.31.2012

    Really could have been anything. May have been fake tan running down the leg. could have been sweat (I'm sure she was nervous) or even just a fuzz ball or loose thread tickling her.

  • candee2 01.31.2012

    weak stomach in the house *greenface*

    @ bluerose you're welcome lol

    my first thought was that she spilled water, as usual, simply because she has a water bottle before her performances. actually that was my second thought, my first was a loose thread.

  • Epiclera 01.31.2012

    Something was running down Christina's legs, indeed... it was excrement... that's what Christina does, you guys... she takes a poop on her clueless haters. (shrugs)

    It's all good.


  • BlueRoseT2 01.31.2012

    Hmmm, interesting. What do you believe? LoL, sorry. I'm just intrigued. Thanks for the Facebook add by the way!

  • candee2 01.31.2012

    lmao @ phantom

    yeah bluerose, I believe it was neither.

  • BlueRoseT2 01.31.2012

    @Candee: You don't believe that the liquid dripping down her leg actually happened? Or you believe it was something other than her period or fake tanner?

  • phantom11 01.31.2012

    "I'm sure. lmao What she got was a puddle of water, Christina makes me melt."

    That's how I would be too. Well except the female tiger.

  • phantom11 01.31.2012

    I saw those pics too. But I have a hard time believing the source that I saw it(MediaTakeOut) because of well you know why.

  • candee2 01.30.2012

    hahaha ewwww

  • ijamseeds 01.30.2012

    periods? i thought it was one hell of a nasty fart

  • candee2 01.30.2012

    hallelujah! periods mean no babies are a-coming! woohooo!

    I don't believe either was

  • AllaneZ 01.30.2012

    Watch the tribute here:
    <a href=";lc=46PwX_wcHJT_9tTT7PSs_UtUHHJI_xRJfbutwiVFmdM&amp;context=G2085aedFAAAAAAAAHAA&amp;feature=g-all-c" title=";lc=46PwX_wcHJT_9tTT7PSs_UtUHHJI_xRJfbutwiVFmdM&amp;context=G2085aedFAAAAAAAAHAA&amp;feature=g-all-c">;lc=46PwX_wcHJT_9tTT7PSs_UtUHH...</a>

  • Epiclera 01.30.2012

    As long as Christina stays herself, at all times, it's all good!

    I am indifferent about Christina's wigs, clothing, makeup, boyfriend, weight, etc. (The same way I am unconcerned about everybody else's hair or clothes or silhouettes ETC).

    Christina is living her life her own way, just like she should. It's a freaking free country.

    I am a fan of Christina's natural singing talent. Christina's raw, gritty and supposedly technically horrible singing is absolutely astonishing, bad@ss, outstanding, EPIC.

    I hope Christina Aguilera remembers this, always!

    The people who hate Christina can continue to whine about her superb, powerful performance and freaking cleavage, as if it was the end of the world. That's only their problem, not Christina's.

  • BlueRoseT2 01.30.2012

    Ugh...and of course her flawless performance has to be outshine by the fact that her fake tan started to melt and was running down her leg. But as usual, the media is claiming that it was her period...

    Poor girl can't catch a break Sad

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • candee2 01.30.2012

    she cares, she just lives her life her way, in spite of the negativity. believe me, it has affected her, she just tries to take the negative and turn it into positive, but again, believe me, she still flinches, she is only human after all.

    I still remember the fear in Christina's eyes when she walked out to meet me, her body language said, 'go ahead, be mean to me, I can take it', but her eyes said, 'please don't be mean'. Once she realized that I was scared, shocked, and incredibly awed by her, she turned into my protector.

    she is brave, strong, etc, but the superhuman is only outside, inside she is very vulnerable.

    lol I had a reputation she had heard of from her mama before we met, so she was expecting a lady tiger, I'm sure. lmao What she got was a puddle of water, Christina makes me melt.

  • Lets Hug 01.29.2012

    I'm so proud of her. She did Etta so much justice. What an honor it was for Etta's family to ask her to perform.

  • Epiclera 01.29.2012

    About the haters... (I will never comprehend why anybody would hate Christina Aguilera OF ALL PEOPLE, but anyway...) Christina has had to deal with haters since she was a very little girl.

    Christina is used to this stuff. She most likely has 100% immunity against all the useless negativity.

    Christina Aguilera truly doesn't care what her idiotic and clueless haters think. And I don't care either! : D

    Regardless of it all... Christina Aguilera is "Here To Stay".

    We are going to get a new album this year! I cannot wait to buy it! One day, I hope Christina will record a studio version of "At Last"!

  • mynix 01.29.2012

    She did it amazingly Etta James would be proud.

  • Beautiful93 01.29.2012

    She did a beautiful and soulful rendition of the song at the funeral <3

  • MarBarr 01.29.2012

    I agree! and it is great that she was chosen to perform "At Last" at Etta's funeral.even though it is sad that Etta is no longer with us all.

  • Stripped713 01.29.2012

    This was very emotional and special for me. It was when i first heard Christina sing "at last" on snl that i became a Christina fan. It meant the world to me to hear her sing it live at the stripped tour. So hearing her today talk about how etta was her idol and how much she inspired her and how much she loved that song was very special for me since its that very same song that created my love for christina

  • candee2 01.29.2012

    pfft rumors by people who believe media crap, those fools didn't report Christina's love of that woman, waaaay before any singer was speaking Etta's name, Christina was. They're stuck on the ones the media talks about, too bad listening to the media's version leaves people ignorant to the true stories.

    I'm glad that in this one place, Etta's funeral, that the truth was acknowledged by letting her do that song.

  • AllaneZ 01.28.2012

    And yeah, pay tribute at the funeral is so much more than at the grammy, very intimate..

  • AllaneZ 01.28.2012

    Some rumors spread just because they jealous why only Christina who invited by Etta's family to sing at the funeral..
    Stay pressed Smile

  • candee2 01.28.2012

    I agree with everything said by Epi and xtina4ever

  • Epiclera 01.28.2012

    I heard of Etta James for the first time about 12-13 years ago.. when Christina Aguilera sang "At Last" at Much Music, here in Canada.

    I remember that day like it was yesterday. Because the performance was too epic. lol
    But this new performance... now, in 2012... even more bad@ss and epic!

  • Epiclera 01.28.2012

    Today's perfomance at the funeral... I have no words.

    Christina Aguilera's vocal skills are waaayyy tooo epic for words.

    Christina Aguilera's voice is too outstanding and incredible. I've been following Christina's career + music + performances very closely since 1999 and still... today... I remain extremely impressed and baffled by all the majestic, epic talent...

    ONLY Christina Aguilera can make me get teary-eyed from a simple vocal performance!!!! Towards the end, a couple of tears even ran down my cheeks... LOL.

    Etta James would have liked that performance!!!!!!!!!!!!! So genuine and powerful...

    Christina Aguilera will always be my favorite singer worldwide.

  • Xtina4ever 01.28.2012

    I think that for Christina it's a greater honor to have performed at Etta's funeral than to have performed at the Grammys

  • candee2 01.28.2012

    xtina loves Celine Dion, more as a performer than song-wise, but yes, she thinks she's awesome.

    Whether the media wants to acknowledge Christina's passion for Etta or not, she was
    the one that sang it at Etta's funeral, which means someone more important knew.
    R.I.P. Etta.

  • TheRealJulie 01.28.2012
    In full agreement too, it would be awesome.
  • Rosane_Xtina 01.26.2012

    I couldn't agree more. And I will love if someday they maybe gonna make a show, with many good singers, just like Michael Jackson's tribute. It could be great. Xtina could sing Tough Lover or another song from Burlesque.

  • AllaneZ 01.24.2012

    But, it's better if the tribute happened on the Grammy, solo.

  • Xtine 01.24.2012

    I think that CA will pay tribute to etta in some shape or form. maybe she'll do it with the voice team ? who knows, but if there's gonna be a etta james tribute hopefully christina will take part in it, going solo or as a group she will do a tribute with her whole heart put into it.

  • ijamseeds 01.24.2012

    @candee does xtina like celine dion?

  • ijamseeds 01.24.2012

    my head was close to erupting when the press got adele's opinion first instead of xtina on the etta thing. good thing almost everything is about xtina and etta now in the press, except for that beyonce thing always appearing alongside xtina in the articles.

    adele does sing closer to how etta sings, but xtina had her first!!! please please dont take that away from her!!!

    if only xtina was black she wouldve played etta. and also theres a marlyn biopic, i thought xtina wouldve been perfect coz she adores her too, but heath ledger's ex got it instead.

  • AllaneZ 01.23.2012

    Nice Smile

  • candee2 01.23.2012

    awww tks Beautiful93

  • Beautiful93 01.23.2012

    Christina singing 'I Prefer You' by Etta James @Justified/Stripped Tour
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AllaneZ 01.22.2012

    If Xtina is truly depth *as she said* a big fan of Etta, she should do solo At Last on next Grammys.
    And Beyonce, like it or not, you don't have a chance to do the tribute, Etta disliked you tbh.
    I really hope Christina to do this tribute, maybe singing At Last or Something's Got A Hold On Me.

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