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Oprah Winfrey Show - Radio City Music Hall

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Friday May 7th
Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY

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32 comments for Oprah Winfrey Show - Radio City Music Hall
  • Mr. Titanic 07.20.2010

    I loved that performance!

  • calilesau 06.04.2010

    ii love christina aguileraaaaaaaaaaa...........

  • thaline 06.01.2010

    i love,excelent!

  • Kruegerite 06.01.2010

    I Loved when You couldn't hit the high not properly, so You ripped out your ear piece and high that note with ease Smile You're truly amazing !!!

  • xtina1512 05.26.2010

    not an outstanding performance by her. still can't wait to finally hear the whole album!

  • dustinzero 05.25.2010


  • Not Mine too! You could do it better Xtina Smile I Know

  • Pretty Boy 05.24.2010

    Not my fave Xtina performance.

  • YayA 05.23.2010

    luv the live! Nice performance!

  • jjony mube 05.23.2010

    I just loved it, there are no words ... I'm so anxious to see what you gonna do on tour ... love ya

  • hottestarcher 05.22.2010

    I hope this isn't the last time that she'll promote on her show this year

  • dax_caluya 05.22.2010

    WooHoo was used as the Intro

  • easylicios88 05.22.2010

    great performance though the hair looked old-fashioned in my opinion but still, I loved it !!!

  • martin94 05.22.2010

    love christina. oprah was a great show

  • Franco 05.22.2010

    it was an amazing performance xtina is the best for sure..but there was some problems with audio i think

  • Abi 05.22.2010

    christina's voices was sounding at its best! n_____n i love Not Myself Tonight! n___n

  • xtinalover1988 05.22.2010

    xtina never lets me down !! love ya big time XD cant wait too get my hands on bionic =] pre -orderd!! xxxxxx

  • mlvcrlive 05.22.2010

    Great performance

  • Love the performance and the dark look she had when performed! It was amazing! ^_^

  • AlexBalabum 05.22.2010

    So sexy ! Christina that performance super, so good!

  • pierejean 05.21.2010

    amazing love it!

  • john1112 05.21.2010

    Totally Loved it and Enjoyed it!

    Laughing out loud

  • Sander 05.21.2010

    That performance owned me both left, right and center! I love you Christina, you're truly one of a kind!

  • gianlulovextina 05.21.2010

    this performance... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!

  • Fighter 05.21.2010

    I loved the Oprah performance, the electric guitars were so cool

  • stripped_dirrty 05.21.2010


  • hturetsky91 05.21.2010

    I went and it was SO amazing! <33333

  • StillDirrty 05.21.2010

    I was in the audience! So incredibel to see her perform NMT live. Can't wait for the tour! The inerview definetly should have been longer.

  • Cadela 05.21.2010

    We loved the perfomance. You're a legend ♥-♥

  • BionicHoney 05.21.2010

    u did great!

  • DiegOo 05.21.2010

    Amazing voice Xtina! as alway! the perform was so energetic! but i want to see more show more scenography and your outfit more bionic! Laughing out loud But was spectacular! c ya

  • Blu 05.21.2010

    I wish the interview was longer but I did enjoy it and it was cool getting to see NMT live finally.

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