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Today Show Summer Concert Series

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Tuesday Jun 8th
The Today Show , NBC- TV

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53 comments for Today Show Summer Concert Series
  • lourdes 08.13.2010

    i want to know..
    how many people attended the concert ???

  • LisaMariex3 06.11.2010

    i was right in front of her and she signed my picture of her and i together. it was AMAZING. she is soo sweet and talented. i love her

  • Fabsed 06.10.2010


  • cheryl1234 06.09.2010

    awesome Smile

  • salcody 06.09.2010

    That was rock!x

  • ol1456 06.09.2010

    she is deffo the best ever .xxx

  • gilbertito 06.08.2010

    te amo me encanto tu presentacion Smile

  • pierejean 06.08.2010

    wowww it was incredible! love it bionic and not myself tonight performance! love u xtina 4 ever!

  • Franco 06.08.2010

    it was incredible..i'd like to have been there

  • LEFOU IBIZA 06.08.2010


  • jrw1801 06.08.2010

    I thought that was amazing, I love your voice so much x <3

  • fairiesdoexist 06.08.2010

    Just one bad day in 11 years!! Wow!! YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF THE VOICE!!luv u!!

  • khell 06.08.2010

    Christina girl! Only for you I'd watch the entire Today Show, just to not miss a glimpse of you! Only for you! Love You always! <3 -Khell

  • HOTKNOB 06.08.2010

    Dear Christina,

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • paulrivas88 06.08.2010

    Loved the "kiss" T shirt she was wearing LOL.
    TE AMO, Christina.

  • osquitarXD 06.08.2010


  • kvmahlau 06.08.2010

    I saw her on the internet, and she did great. I am waiting for my package to come in I can't wait for it to come. I have no patience.

  • Kruegerite 06.08.2010

    The Show was PHENOMENAL !!! She Performed Fighter, Bionic + Not Myself Tonight, Beautiful, and You Lost Me Smile Her Vocals were Mind Blowing !!!

  • john1112 06.08.2010

    The show is on and the crowd is ready waiting for the Queen to appear on stage.

  • omgz

  • nayis_ 06.08.2010

    noooooooooo!!! how sad i'll be in school by that time!! T.T will she be singing??

  • x-toma 06.07.2010

    8 am

  • Mariordch 06.07.2010

    at what time is this?? cant wait! what will she sing??

  • Alejandres 06.07.2010


  • fighter4u2nv 06.07.2010

    im so mad i sign up for vip tickets to see her concert tomorrow i didnt get nothing back...

  • luizboston 06.07.2010

    I cant wait till tomorrow morning. I havent seen Xtina live since march 30th 2007 when i saw her Back To Basics Tour. I cant wait to get BIONIC. I got VIP passes!! Soooo excited!
    Im leaving Boston to go to NY in few hours!!!!! \o/

  • Maka143 06.06.2010

    I will be there! Are there any meet and greet possibilities? I got my passes last week. Smile
    Can't wait! GODDESS!

  • thaline 06.06.2010

    good luck my dear.My dream is go to your show and see you,because you is my only end favorite singer. but i can't still because i have 18 years and i live in rio de janeiro. but i still go in your show. xo,xo...

  • gwadehunter 06.06.2010

    XTINA FANS: By now you have probably all realized that BIONIC is one of the greatest pop records of all time. Follow my lead. Buy multiple copies and give them as gifts to haters or Gaga fans. You guys, they're trying to say she's over. Xtina has produced a masterpiece, but it's up to us to promote it in this negative environment! Peace!

  • Raffael Padilha 06.05.2010

    Não estarei lá, mas, estarei quente no Youtube assistindo minha diva! Smile

  • cachjonathan 06.05.2010

    GO CHristina Go

  • KATEAKINCEVA 06.05.2010


  • pierejean 06.05.2010

    can't wait to see yaa!!! love u xtina Laughing out loud

  • julianna12o7 06.04.2010

    I got a fan pass!! Woohoo I can't wait to see what ou have in store for us! xoxoxoxo

  • I'll be there Smile

  • GUPPY808 06.03.2010

    okay so how can we get VIP tickets..The today show always acts as if its a 1st come 1st serve basis amd that is not the case

  • SoBionic 06.02.2010

    Can't wait to see ya!! I will be there front and center! ♥ Your #1!!!

  • Hinata222 06.01.2010

    Hi. Christina I'll be watching you perform that morning. I wish i could go.

  • Kruegerite 06.01.2010

    Can't wait to see what You perform and what outfit You'll wear Smile

  • jpvoelker 05.31.2010

    I am trying to win a trip there through Cross yer fingers for me!

  • jojochristina123 05.31.2010

    going with my mom and cousin see ya there Smile!!!

  • lilcmj6006 05.29.2010

    I'll be there =)

  • BionicHarlem1985 05.29.2010

    i sure will be there trust n believe

  • Xisme 05.28.2010

    cannot wait to see this performance.. since im in the UK i cant watch live but i will watch it on youtube after!! so excited! kick ass!

  • lima181 05.27.2010

    Lets get glam.

  • x-joseph 05.27.2010

    WOO HOO ! Laughing out loud

  • senorsteve 05.27.2010

    i hope she does well good luck xtina muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Madame_X 05.27.2010

    Enjoy the show everyone!!!

  • npendoa 05.27.2010

    I will be there with Mary and Andrew!!! YOU ARE THE BEST XTINA!!!

  • MykeR1130 05.26.2010

    I'll be there!!!! =)

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