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Would you like Christina on Desperate Housewives?

Would you like Christina on Desperate Housewives?

Am i the only person who think that this would be a really good fit? Maybe she could be a recurring character in it for a few episodes! And it would be BIG promotion!


  • bernardineros 10.08.2010

    the storyline for xtina in DH could be like: a celebrity takin a break and hiding from all the chaos of hollywood... but i think xtina is way too young... maybe she could join the cast on the final season

  • bernardineros 10.08.2010

    what i would really love is a reality show featuring all five spice girls...
    since all of them have family now...
    it would be like a spin off desperate housewives/ sex and the city show

  • bernardineros 10.08.2010

    how about a reality show featuring the MMC kids? featuring britney, christina, justin, jc...

  • AintNoOtherGirl 10.08.2010

    Yeah i was thinking maybe during one of her breaks between albums she could be the mystery character for a season or two. Meaning she'd be a singer, movie star and big tv star too Tongue X/xxx

  • mynix 08.20.2010

    Same as @NastyNaughtyBoy said it would be the ONLY ever reason. But I don't think it would be wise, since it's not that popular serial anymore.
    I heard that Glee is the famous nowdays so lets get CA there.

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 08.19.2010

    That would be the ONLY reason I'd ever watch Desperate Housewives.

  • AguileraFan 08.15.2010

    Haven't watched Desperate Housewives since the first season, though I'd tune in to see her. I'd personally like to see Christina bring back Baby Jane for an episode of Mad Men.

  • littledreamer♥ 08.14.2010

    haha DH is like the only tv show I still watch. So many crazy people & murderers on one street... but it's still so funny.

  • AintNoOtherGirl 08.14.2010

    @PugsGirl Okay, no bother X/x Smile

  • PugsGirl 08.14.2010

    *Moderator Edit*
    I changed the thread title a little and added question mark. Originally, the title sounded like news that was going to happen, hehe.

  • I-V 08.14.2010

    I would watch it! I love DH. But even if it wasn't on DH, I think it'd be amazing if she did some type of show, like a recurring character for a few episodes like you said. But hey at least we got her in one episode of Entourage! Can't wait to see.

  • leanneabell 08.13.2010

    omg that should definitly happen. you got my vote i love D.H

  • mlvcrlive 08.13.2010

    The show has kinda lost its touch. I never really got into it in the first place. It was ok the first couple seasons but now it just seems way to much like a soap opera.

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