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Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell!

Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell!

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Please follow directions in the video description, call your senators and request DADT be repealed!

  • RandyE352 09.28.2010

    Thanks Dee. Every one of my statements is in itself a conclusion. I only continue if there is a mutual interest in the same direction of understanding. Actually my next statement was going to be really amazing and extremely artistic, about as deep and scary as it gets, right to the very origin of art itself, but maybe such information is best shared only among serious artists anyway.

  • candee2 09.27.2010

    Randy, this thread is pretty basic stuff, stop making it complicated. Obviously, your answer is no, you've stated your reasons, move on.

    Also, everyone stop debating him and he'll find it easier not to comment.

  • Mr. Titanic 09.26.2010

    Homosexuality is obviously not a choice, just as Heterosexuality is not. Additionally, both are forms of sexuality that simply involve different genders - but remain expressions of human sexuality that an individual is born into. Homosexuality is no different on a fundamental level than Heterosexuality, they are the same thing. End of debate. And just like race, sexuality should not bar any human from equal rights or be grounds to strip anyone of their humanity.

    I expected better from on a Christina site, when she herself is an open minded, intelligent proponent of advancing the gay rights movement with videos such as "Beautiful" and the recent article that describes her claiming that her gay friends mean a lot to her and offer the best advice. If I hear another comment that drags this thread off topic from Randy again, I'm reporting him to the Moderators. In fact, this thread should have died by now since the DADT repeal was unfortunately stalled.

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 09.26.2010

    Randy, homosexuality is NOT an aberration of nature. Plenty of animals in nature carry out homosexual acts. Just look it up on YouTube.

    Regardless, humans have rights, whether they're gay or not. This is not a gay vs. straight debate, this is a human rights debate, and a constitutional rights debate.

  • Mr. Titanic 09.26.2010

    Randy, your logic is rather confusing and scientifically disputable. This thread is not designed for your theories.

    You make a good point, Nasty Naughty Boy. Christina also paved the way for celebrities like Lady Gaga to attempt her support, with her music video Beautiful. Either way, I hope Gaga can herald some change, but I'll never forget Chirstina's contribution, or the fact she is humble about it.

  • RandyE352 09.26.2010

    Phantom are you asking me what makes me heterosexual? Its a fair and interesting question, but the point I was making in defining myself as absolutely monogamous and heterosexual is that its not an idea, its a fact of pure nature of function of animal reproduction, and in this case specific to the developmental requirements of an advanced social learning species, That is, the modern homo sapien, which both you and I are.

    Recreational sexuality is an abstraction of nature. Lower primates and most humans use sex as release of stress.

    I do not advocate prostitution, pornography or polygamy, or any abuse of sex in any form.

    As a matter of fact I'll kill anything that threatens the dignity of my species, that is the human species.

    Trust me on this one Phantom, If I launch the First Fleet, I know exactly what I'm doing and why, and a lot of human beings will die for their lack of respect of the dignity of their own species.

    Command Com released to airborne fighters. Okay honey, lets dance.

  • phantom11 09.25.2010

    So where did you get the idea that warfare and heterosexuality go hand and hand?

  • RandyE352 09.25.2010

    We can't deny the impact Gaga has had. Nothing she has done draws me into her audience, but if she fancies herself an object of power now, okay I'll play.

    Christina does not engage in rivalry or emulation, and even if she ever did, she doesn't need to anymore. BIONIC is a fully qualified masterpiece.

    As for sensation, check out Katy Perry's new album cover. That's not a piece of art, honey, that's a piece of technology.

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 09.25.2010

    Yeah, I agree with her actions, but I doubt that she's doing it for any other reason other than to get her name in the spotlight once again.

    Christina, on the other hand, is humble about her humanitarian efforts and her political efforts. Lady Gaga is shocking and everything she does is to shock people.

  • AllaneZ 09.24.2010

    in my opinion, i think, she is making sensation...
    every body knows that she will released an album...

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 09.24.2010

    Randy, I don't quite understand. Are you insinuating that Lady Gaga is a better candidate for reversing this policy than, say, Obama?

    If so, I wouldn't agree with that. But I'd say that every opinion and voice counts.

  • RandyE352 09.24.2010

    And the strongest defenders of liberty and justice do not serve nations or kings or gods or governments or industries, they serve the people, that is, ALL the people.

    The Republic rests.

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 09.24.2010

    I agree, it is really unconstitutional, and good for Lady Gaga to do this.

    I'll be writing my senators about this, as well.

  • RandyE352 09.24.2010

    The Phantom of the Opera is challenging my artistic integrity.

    Deploy AWACs and retract ground forces behind line of fire.

    If that's not deep enough for you, try pulling 5 Gs from orbit.

  • phantom11 09.23.2010

    "Cause warfare and heterosexual monogamy are virtually synonomous."

    Uhh, no they're not. Last time I checked, being heterosexual was judged on you liking the opposite sex, not on how bloodthirsty you are.(where in the name zeuses butthole did you get that from?)

    "I mercelessly slaughter death"

    You kill death? Oookay.

    Nice attempt at trying to be deep. But, what you say makes no sense whatsoever.

    Noone's dedicated to being gay or straight.

    Heterosexual means you if you're a guy, you like women, and if you're a woman, you like guys. That's it, your views on war have absolutely 2 things to do with being straight:




  • RandyE352 09.23.2010

    I don't disagree with gays in the military, and I do agree with the sexual orientation of individuals being known and respected.

    If I were in a military operation, moving up on an enemy, I'd sure like to know if the dude behind me is covering my a** or checking it out.

    Given sufficient mutual respect I don't think gender or sexual orientation should be a problem in the military.

    Half the battle seems to be effective communication between soldiers so everybody is operating on a professional level and focused on the job and not spacing-out on delusional sexual fantasies or paranoia.

    The first thing I would do if I was sent on a mission with a female soldier would be to inform her of exactly who and what I am, so that she doesn't have to check behind her to make sure I'm doing my job of covering her a**.

  • TheBionicBlonde 09.22.2010

    This law is so unfair. Sad I don't like it one bit.

  • Mr. Titanic 09.22.2010

    You are aware that linguists and physicians have been discharged with dishonor because of Don't Ask Don't Tell, right? And that they don't fight or "study war."

    Also, no one is "dedicated" to being gay. You are who you are.

  • RandyE352 09.22.2010

    Why would homosexuals want to engage in warfare? I'm absolutely heterosexual and monogamous, and warfare is my nature, but I do not conquer nations or people or individuals, I do not use implements or devices of deception or harm, I conquer death itself up front close and personal, as a matter of fact I mercilessly slaughter death and I enjoy it, its a very practical hobby and its my carnal instinct thanks to 3.5 billion years of evolution programmed into my brain. In other words, I represent the most advanced species of incarnate life on this Earth and I comprehend the entire physical structure of this universe, and my God is my conscience.

    If homosexuals want to study war, all I can ask is how committed are you to being gay? Cause warfare and heterosexual monogamy are virtually synonomous. It is the battle of life over death, between negative and positive entropy.

    The Republic stands.

  • Mr. Titanic 09.19.2010

    All I care about is repealing DADT.

  • RandyE352 09.19.2010

    Oh so Lady Gaga is into big ideas.

    How about the Union of Man, Nature and God?

    Ideas don't get any bigger, honey.

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