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Christina Aguilera Online Store

Christina Aguilera Online Store

I ordered Christina's Signature perfume from the online store on this site and I still have not received it. If you have ever ordered anything from the online store, about how long did it take for you to receive it?

  • calebbaloo 11.09.2012

    Oh My Gosh I love Christina I love you
    Caleb Crotser

  • Dayy 09.30.2010

    don't worry u will get it. Lets us know what you think of it. I am planing of getting it this X-Mass. I have been saving a little more this year, to get myself anything christina..

  • candee2 09.28.2010

    oh a pot watcher lol things never change while you're watching it, look at a clock and it slows down. lol

    It'll happen, don't worry so much until you have to and we will try to help if something does go wrong, as best we can.

    Meanwhile, stop watching that pot boil. Wink

  • KellyLynn 09.28.2010

    It's only been about a week but I'm worried that I'm going to have to wait for a long time because everyday that I've checked my order status, it has said "Pre-ordered. In Stock". I didn't even think that it was a pre-ordered item for people who live in the US because it said nothing about that in the description. I tried sending an email to customer service but they have not responded yet and it's been a few days since I sent it. Maybe they're just really busy right now though.

  • candee2 09.28.2010

    I have no idea, from what I've seen it varies, some people got stuff after 2 weeks and some waited for 2 months. How long has it been for you?

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