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FORUM FEEDBACK - Contact Mods Here / Ask Questions About Forum / Report Errors & Members etc.

FORUM FEEDBACK - Contact Mods Here / Ask Questions About Forum / Report Errors & Members etc.

This is the Forum Feedback thread.

In here, you can ask any questions regarding the forum. You can also report members that are trolling or spamming.

The moderators are happy to help and will endeavour to reply as soon as possible.

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  • candeetwo 02.18.2015
    Not up to us, so don't have an answer for you.
  • BionicFred 02.17.2015

    Why is there any new news on the News section??? Like the NBA and Starbucks things should be there.

  • AllaneZ 08.26.2014

    I wish Christina can watch this video <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AllaneZ 06.10.2014

    It is so hard to post in here since they needs captcha everytime

  • BionicFred 03.10.2014

    This forum is really hard to use for some reasons that's why most of us, fans, go to After Live Daily forums to talk about Christina. I just hope you guys bring back the old forum he had during the Back To Basics era.

    Thank you - from the Philippines

  • BionicFred 03.10.2014

    still, the music section has lots of errors... double lotus and your body .... and where's the debut album?

  • AllaneZ 01.02.2014

    Can someone help me? I can't post any link here, they said I spammed.
    Plus everytime post comment, there's always a captcha

  • leannenpat 10.09.2013
  • Max Gene Rowan 10.01.2013

    Christina is a fantastic musician and is among the most beautiful women in the world.

  • Ghislaine 08.22.2013

    Well, as for fixing requests... while in this site's "German" mode, I looked for the LOGOUT button in vain... It may very well just be that funny piece I call my laptop, or - perhaps - that other funny piece that happens to be my brain... anyway, just wanted to let you know, just in case. Smile

  • BionicFred 06.15.2013

    hi id just like for you guys to let the web master to fix the music section, double lotus, double your body, genie is missing as well as debut. thanks

  • xtinarox1113 05.24.2013

    That doesn't surprise me. In general, American work ethic is very sad nowadays IMO, & I speak as an American.

  • candeetwo 05.13.2013
    Exactly what I said. lol Believe it or not, Sony in other countries are more on top of things apparently. The Sony groups that place World news are in those countries, different work ethics.
  • xtinarox1113 05.13.2013

    The weird thing was that they updated the World News all the time

  • candeetwo 05.12.2013
    Yeah, they needed to be reminded for some reason. geez!
  • xtinarox1113 05.11.2013

    They finally updated it!!!!!

  • candeetwo 04.25.2013
    yeah I know, updates just stopped, I noticed.
  • AllaneZ 04.25.2013

    There is supposed some news update in home site Julie or Dee like Time 100 most influential.

  • TheRealJulie 04.23.2013

    All is good in the world, I see. Smile

  • candeetwo 04.23.2013

    You're welcome. Smile

  • Chris_jc_xa 04.10.2013

    Thank you Smile

  • candeetwo 04.10.2013

    <a href="" title=""></a> Smile

  • Chris_jc_xa 04.09.2013

    <a href="" title=""></a>
    Here you go!
    edit: Yeah, I can't even find my own page right now, so if you can't either, it'd be best if you could post yours as well... And thank you!

  • candeetwo 04.09.2013
    do you have facebook? if you have FB I will be happy to post mine here too. my twitter is mostly business so I don't check as often.
  • Chris_jc_xa 04.09.2013

    Candee, I really need to communicate with you, and I think twitter would be best as there's no private messaging here. I've already followed you.

  • candeetwo 04.07.2013

    Awesome! Wink

  • Ghislaine 04.07.2013

    Don't be sorry, don't regret,
    I know how busy life can get.
    For your reply and teaching me
    a new word*, I thank you, Dee Smile

    *moniker = 'name/nickname' is what I found on the web Laughing out loud

  • candeetwo 04.04.2013
    sorry Ghis, missed your question. lol Just so you know, the only reason she didn't have that moniker in the beginning is because she had to wait until the fake xtina's were all cleared up and out. So I guess that all got cleared up.
  • Ghislaine 03.28.2013

    OK, convinced, as yet no yell_
    out there to the contrary..._
    so now I think that all is well_
    and "@xtina" it's for me_ Smile

  • Ghislaine 03.19.2013

    It probably is just a stupid question by paranoid me... but is today's (noticed 19MAR13) name change of Xtina's Twitter account from @TheRealXtina to @Xtina 'legit', meaning is it really 'official'?

  • candeetwo 02.26.2013
    Good question
  • xtinarox1113 02.22.2013

    Thanks Dee and Julie, I appreciate it Laughing out loud

    Why is 'Lotus' on there twice but the deluxe version isn't? In the music section

  • candeetwo 02.21.2013
    What do you mean by 'glitches'?
  • BionicFred 02.21.2013

    there are glitches over the music section. please report to site moderator.

  • candeetwo 02.19.2013
    yep, Julie, legal reasons. when it comes to Sony, ownership is a legal mess, a lot of artists can attest to it, Prince, MJ, and etc. When it comes to a particular item taking a long time to get up, sometimes there are many pieces of that item belonging to several owners that need to get on the same page, for legal reasons.
  • TheRealJulie 02.19.2013
    xtinarox, thanks for your reply. I'm not too sure but perhaps the reasons are legal. Dee, do you know? x
  • candeetwo 02.10.2013
    I think you buy perfume you get the code and get the download free.
  • AllaneZ 02.10.2013

    What is this?
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • xtinarox1113 02.02.2013

    I mean like all the music videos she's released. For example Dirrty or Save Me From Myself (I think that counts as an official music video with her singing and Linda Perry playing guitar)

  • TheRealJulie 02.02.2013
    Not a stupid question, hehe. But let me understand. Are you asking why we don't see ALL/EVERY ONE of Christina's videos in the MEDIA/video section?
  • xtinarox1113 01.29.2013

    This is probably a stupid question, but why aren't all of Christina's music videos on the "Videos" section of the site?

  • Beautiful93 01.26.2013

    What about Inspire and Secret Potion?

  • candeetwo 01.26.2013
    her perfume site is all procter and gamble, but I understand what you mean.
  • BionicFred 01.23.2013

    can i comment also about christina's perfume site? the lay-out looks nice but i dislike the low-resolution photos on the front page.

  • TheRealJulie 01.09.2013
    Just a glitch in the system then? Glad its all okay now.
  • candeetwo 12.16.2012

    Awesome! You are very welcome, I'm glad it was brought to our attention and we were able to fix it. Smile

  • xtinarox1113 12.16.2012

    I can see them! Thanks so much candee! Smile

  • phantom11 12.14.2012


  • candeetwo 12.14.2012
    I don't see it, try again, there is so much stuff backlogged, it may have been one of many that didn't get put up or got deleted as spam. If you post it again, I will see that it gets up immediately.
  • candeetwo 12.14.2012
    you posted it a couple of days ago? I don't see yet, let me check again.

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