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rachel aguilera

rachel aguilera

anyone here knows if she has inclination to music as well? what is she into? all i know is that she's taller and got big beautiful eyes...

  • candee2 10.30.2010

    no problem easy to do

  • MrBubulino 10.29.2010

    You're right... Mickey is her half-brother, not her step-brother as I said before. I got confused with the terms, sorry.

  • candee2 10.27.2010

    Yep, Rach turned 24 in June, Christina will be 30 in Dec. 6 years older.

    Rach has no kids, she has a steady guy. She used to have art stuff on the internet but I don't know if it's still up anywhere, if it's anywhere it would be on CMMM somewhere in their archives. She had an art show not too long ago, I can't remember the studio at the moment.

    And actually, Christina has a sister, a half brother Mikey and she had 1 step bro and 1 step sis.

  • ijamseeds 10.25.2010

    are you sure? rachel is six years younger?

  • MrBubulino 10.24.2010

    Mr Titanic, look at the lyrics of Oh Mother: "she could have died fighting for the life of the children".

    She means herself and Rachel. But the latter is six years younger than Christina, so she was only one year old when they left Fausto.

    Christina also has two step-brothers (Mickey and Casey) and a step-sister, Stephanie.

  • ijamseeds 10.23.2010

    i hope they do something musically together... that'd be sweet. does she have any art stuff online? is she married? have kids of her own? i really love her big eyes... wow

    i hope they will be featured in one mag spread wherein the two sisters are doin some america's next top model type of poses... sweet!

    she should be head of xtina's creative team... coz she's into art... maybe what xtina got in music, she got also in her fine arts...

  • candee2 10.23.2010

    Rach was just a baby when Shelly left Christina and Rachels dad, so she wasn't exposed to it as long as Christina was, plus even as a small child, Christina was very aware of things because she was such a smart little thing from very early on, she picked up on emotions easily.

    But, yeah, Christina and Shelly got the brunt of the abuse, I doubt Rach even remembers much.

  • Mr. Titanic 10.23.2010

    I actually didn't know Christina had a brother or sister until now. I know it seems strange. It's just that when Christina spoke about abuse, it seemed to me she was an only child at the time.

  • candee2 10.23.2010

    Rach is talented musicallly, but she decided not to go that route, instead she is taking her art seriously.

    Christina helps to guard their privacy as much as she can by keeping what they're doing as private as possible, especially since Rach is a quiet and shy person when it comes to that. But she has her own thing, she's with her sister a lot so there are quite a few pics of her, maybe I'll try to find some later and post them.

    Rach is still tall and thin with very long hair, she loves everything about the seventies including the hippish kinda thing, so if you see someone like that in pics with Christina, chances are you are seeing Rach and don't know it.

  • ijamseeds 10.22.2010

    hope we see more of rachel...

  • MrBubulino 10.22.2010

    Maybe she's into music, but... to be honest, that would be a HUGE shadow she'll be living under LOL

    She's really pretty. She should be modeling.
    Her brother, Michael, is really cute too Smile

    They're all really pretty. Way to go, Shelly!! LOL

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