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I wish I knew Christina's opinion of Chris Cornell.

I wish I knew Christina's opinion of Chris Cornell.

I am curious to know what Christina thinks of Chris Cornell? Only because Cornell is my favorite male singer and I think a duet of him and Christina would be waaaayyyy toooo much for my brain and ears..... I would just faint and explode and I don't know what. LOL

Chris has somewhat of a soulful voice, you know... I think it would sound fantastic! And Christina being the ultimate best singer on the planet that she is... the result would be pure EPICNESS, in my opinion.

I'm not saying Christina HAS to do this. I'm just posting one of my dream collaborations here. I figured if I type it here it might magically happen one day.

Christina, are you reading this??? lol
I'm kidding.

(This is just a suggestion : I don't have a Twitter, but if someone here does... can you send Chris Cornell a tweet and ask him to duet with Christina Aguilera? JUST FOR FUN, send him that message. lol I know he has an official, verified Twitter account.)

  • Epiclera 11.19.2010


    Yes, Chris Cornell. I love him, greeeeeaat singer. And he's quite versatile, kind of like Christina is. I'm only a fan of his solo work, though. I never really took the time to listen to any of Soundgarden's or Audioslave's music.

    He's majestic. lol I love his Euphoria Morning CD.. and Scream album with Timbaland.

    I can just imagine Christina and Chris singing a song together, both of their voices at the same time. I think it would've been soooooo EXTRAORDINARY AND EPICALLY MAGICAL!!!!!! ^_^

    It's funny how my favorite male singer's name is Chris and my favorite female singer of all time is Christina, you know... Chris and Chris, it's a funny coincidence lol. ANYWAY! It's okay if it never happens because I can just imagine the non-existent song in my head then. lol

  • ijamseeds 11.19.2010

    chris cornell?

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