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Official Photos

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Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth

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  • chris bowen 05.13.2013

    marylin monroe was easy to her a coke,tell her your broke and be well spoken.i was hoping you were the love a name on the tv,christina,will you be the regular star,who understands who you are but doesnt require a man on fire who has a hit and is legit.i must admit i dont vouch for myself yet.but if you let me in,it will pay dividends.the end.

  • BionicFred 01.25.2013

    i miss baby jane

  • Flor777 01.15.2013


  • Chris_jc_xa 11.15.2012

    People we are trying to trend #JustAFool on twitter and get everyone to know that we need to buy the song on iTunes and get it top 10 so that Christina will surely have to release it as a single after such a success! Please help us get it to trend and chart!

  • ViaGotzMilk 02.19.2011

    _CUTE CLASSY CHRiSSi #ILoveXtina ★☆ ;]

  • Anne Marie 02.03.2011


  • carlixa29 01.25.2011

    beautiful photo Wink

  • Mayara 12.13.2010


  • BellaBarrio 11.23.2010

    Heavenly living Angel perfection....

  • LuceliaLulu 05.21.2010

    DIVA s2

  • LuceliaLulu 05.21.2010

    DIVA s2

  • Cadela 05.21.2010

    I loved this one

  • juninho_hjd 05.21.2010


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