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Seattle/Portland dates!

Seattle/Portland dates!

There's no reason to exclude these cities. Before I heard the tour was canceled, I was checking back every few days to see if she added more dates. 19 is a fairly low number, so I thought she'd do more dates. Or a second leg after a much needed break.
Maybe in her new tour plans, her people will decide to add Seattle and/or Portland.

Anyone else with me??? And it would be cool for Leona Lewis to open, still, if she doesnt have other plans.

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  • kaylalove46 12.31.2011

    Come to portland!!!!!!!!!

  • Kichigai 06.11.2010

    For real. She needs to tour in Seattle. I don't think she's been in Seattle before. It's always in Tacoma or Vancouver.

  • mamillsap 06.09.2010

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