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Christina Sings The National Anthem Tonight At NBA Finals

Remember to tune in tonight at 9:00 PM on ABC to watch Christina Aguilera perform The National Anthem at Game 7 of the NBA finals!!! Also if you missed her great performance at Game 6 check it out by clicking HERE.

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  • RayRay87 06.20.2010

    Best 2010 summer song? Go vote Christina Not My Self To Night buzzworthy.mtv.com GO VOTE NOW!!!!!

  • Latinacg4life 06.18.2010

    She look grate as always!!

  • chpchipichp 06.18.2010

    i can´t wait to see xina!!!

  • BiOO 06.18.2010

    <a href="http://www.bravo.pl/sondy/" title="http://www.bravo.pl/sondy/">http://www.bravo.pl/sondy/</a>
    Vote for xtina

  • CHRISDAL03 06.18.2010

    When was the last time a pop artist gave a performance that actually has videos analysing the symbolism behind it … christina aguilera did it with beautiful video and her performances
    When was the last time a pop artist actively stated their support of the LGBT community at risk of their own carrer. …. christina aguilera did it with beautiful video and she has the GLAD AWARDS REMEMBER
    When was the last time a pop artist was as dedicated to her fans? EVERY ARTIST IS LIKE THAT !!! SEE CHRISTINA TOUR AND MESSAGE SHE GAVE FOR HER FANS TO BE THEIRSELF

  • bartbart85 06.18.2010

    <3 you did it again! you are definitely the lakers' good luck charm! you rocked it!! and you looked beeeeautiful as always! xoxo

  • bi0n1c 06.18.2010

    a brilliant performance.. love it!!

  • Edgar Nush 06.18.2010

    She is awesome as always, love yo Tina Wink

  • scotty323 06.18.2010

    Lakers! My favorite, so is xtina!

    this has been reported in sohu.com including xtina's elegant images, the biggest news gate website in China.

    xtina was described as sexy red lips pop queen in Chinese.

  • emyersrock 06.18.2010

    Christina is the number one trending topic on yahoo right now!

  • gwadehunter 06.18.2010

    LAKERS WIN!!! Christina is officially the good luck diva of the LA Lakers!

  • xtinaurbeautiful 06.18.2010

    Oh, and Bionic is going to be a classic. I loved the whole CD!

  • xtinaurbeautiful 06.18.2010

    Christina, that was hauntingly brillant! You've done your Country proud. Golden, just Golden!
    I hope Charlotte, NC is on your list for the American leg of the upcoming tour. The Queen City awaits the Queen!

  • CHRISDAL03 06.17.2010

    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7WAaKROymo" title="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7WAaKROymo">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7WAaKROymo</a>

  • RayRay87 06.17.2010

    AGAIN!!!! Sweet amazingly beautiful you are gorgeous and I love all that you do fersure!!!

  • KeN_VeN 06.17.2010

    Eres super grandiosa x-tina, I love you so so so so much...

  • Kruegerite 06.17.2010

    Christina KILLED it , yet AGAIN singing Our National Anthem Smile She is truly a Gods gift to us, Her voice is heaven to My ears !

  • negigirl05 06.17.2010

    Ill tell you now. I LOVE xtina. I love her voice and her music but I didnt like her rendition of the national anthem. I wish she wouldve sang it classically instead of adding her trade mark rifts. Then that wouldve been amazing.

  • Jayliena 06.17.2010

    she did so good! and looked beautiful Smile

  • Kruegerite 06.17.2010

    12 minutes before the game starts Smile I'm only watching Xtina sing the Anthem !

  • amayrani 06.17.2010

    si chris es el amuleto de los lakers suerte para ellos y para nuestra diva good look

  • BackNDaDay90 06.17.2010

    Christina is the Lakers Good Luck Charm.

  • Kichigai 06.17.2010

    Go Lakers!

  • 3milixtina 06.17.2010



  • texas_xtina_fan 06.17.2010

    Dang girl....for the second time!!!!!! Will be watching!

  • leyah 06.17.2010

    I love you Christina! From day 1 and forever!!!

  • Kichigai 06.17.2010

    Thanks for confirming.

  • omerr 06.17.2010

    waooww holley I like Christina <3

  • martin94 06.17.2010

    yes yes yes , the second national anthem!

    she's gonna nail it tonight!!

  • jjony mube 06.17.2010

    i cant wait ... all the times that i see Christina performing is like ... Laughing out loud Christmas for me Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud :D

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