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Bionic Video Ideas!

Bionic Video Ideas!

So I know some of you have some GREAT ideas for the songs from the snippets we've heard-well post em up!

Here is my idea for "Bobblehead". I'll probably actually make this video myself, unless Christina hears (hey Christy!) and uses it!

It begins with a skit of Christina, dresses as a 'bobblehead' coming out of a club, talking on her phone saying something stupid like "And he says if I drop out of school now, he can get me a reality show and then if it works I'll get a record deal...can I sing? Sure! (sings badly)"
A spy near her picks up their cell phone and dials non-Bobblehead Christina, who is having lunch. She takes the call. "What?"
"We have a code blue."
"A code blue?"
"Yeah-navy blue. A full fledged Bobblehead."
"Okay, I'm on it," says Christina, and hangs up looking determined.
Then the music starts, and it shows Bobblheadtina being kidnapped and dragged blindfolded into a room-the blindfold is pulled off to reveal Sergeatina and her girls dressed in fatigues, and then begin to educate Bobblheadtina, with lessons like "You-Dignity=Reality Show=Record Deal=Peoples Ears Bleed".
Then they put Bobblheadtina down in a dance/military obstacle course. As Bobbleheadtina moves through the course, we have cuts to Sergeantina leading hundreds of her "Bionic Army" in a military style epic dance.
The song ends when Bobbleheadtina almost collapses in the course and looks up to see Sergeatina give her a helping hand.
Then the skit finishes, with Bobblheadtina graduating and no longer a Bobblhead. Sergeantina smiles proudly, but then sees another Bobblhead make a stupid comment and sighs and pulls her cap on and gets ready to go to work again.

Comment and post your own ideas!

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