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"You Lost Me" video not available on VEVO worldwide

"You Lost Me" video not available on VEVO worldwide

The international fans are worried they won't be able to see the "You Lost Me" premiere tomorrow because VEVO is restricted only to the US. Can this be changed before the premiere please. The same thing happened with NMT and alot of fans couldn't view the video and had to settle for rips with poor quality. Please have RCA or management look into this. Thank you.

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  • candee2 07.21.2010

    they have addressed that in the news item about the video, not to mention there's already a thread about it along with 100 fans stating it in the news article on the premiere of the YLM video.

    RCA ED 07.21.2010
    VEVO will be the U.S. premiere location, but the video will also be unveiled simultaneously with different online partners across the world. Stand by for updates.

    posted in our 'Behind the Scenes of YLM' article page.

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