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New Burlesque Movie Poster

Another day, another "Burlesque" treat! As we draw closer to the release of the highly anticipated movie release of "Burlesque," out this Thanksgiving, feast your eyes on the just released movie poster! Don't Cher and Christina Aguilera look amazing?? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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  • hari123 08.11.2011

    Thanks for sharing this amazing poster with us , i m really impressed with it, ithink it will attracts many viewers.

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  • Reyaan 11.25.2010

    I think it's awesome how two wonderful artist can make a brilliant movie like this thanks Christina and Cher for bringing light into my life you guys ROCK!!!!!!

  • marchesa 10.14.2010

    i love the poster....

  • AllaneZ 10.06.2010

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  • lucy2 09.22.2010

    Everything you do is so damn perfect.... love you!
    p.s. please,come to Europe!

  • HM 09.21.2010

    Nice, Christina come to Portugal please!!!

  • Juan1186 09.21.2010

    OMG Beautifulllllll!!!! i loving it // bb PIN 217D520F ADD ME!

  • rurururu 09.18.2010

    nice pic.....

  • chung 09.18.2010

    stunning cover wow BEAUTIFULxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • B-X 09.17.2010

    luv u X-tttt-iii---NNNN----AAAA

  • amy89 09.16.2010

    love it!!! Laughing out loud

  • lislecarnot 09.16.2010

    I just can't wait, Dios Mio, do you have a date for €uropean Fans?? When.... I love the Poster, CHER and CHRISTINA, what a scandall!!!

  • jcre 09.15.2010

    Wow I love her

  • Xverso 09.15.2010

    love you !!!!!!!!!!

  • vin008 09.15.2010

    you're the best christina.....

  • stripped_dirrty 09.15.2010

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  • PinkSugar88 09.13.2010

    Wow that's gorgeous,im loving it! Arribaa Christina!

  • szri4249 09.13.2010

    Christina, You've always been a Star and, in my mind, you are an extraordinary artist and already a Legend.

  • love4xtina 09.12.2010

    The whole world is against us Christina. You look beautiful as always. I love you.

  • alfie 09.12.2010

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  • Juanpablopc31 09.11.2010

    Espero el estreno de esta película impacientemente. Felicidades y éxitos Christina.

  • nAuGhTy bOy 09.11.2010

    You both look beautiful!!xD

  • toddgcole 09.11.2010

    i get cold bumps all over when i heard this video man it is so perect lol,, hope things are fun for ya out there ,xxxxxxxxxoooooooo

  • toddgcole 09.11.2010

    i just want one letter email, for me i never got to see ya yet come to atlanta do a pearance in atlanta sometime ,i hope i ever have a girl friend anywhere close to be like you , that would be tha coolest ,come to atl,ga <a href="http://www.youtube.com/toddcoleatlanta" title="http://www.youtube.com/toddcoleatlanta">http://www.youtube.com/toddcoleatlanta</a> <a href="mailto:todd.cole@ymail.com">todd.cole@ymail.com</a>

  • taperjeann 09.11.2010

    So excited for the movie i will go see it myself if i have to

  • msjustine27 09.10.2010

    Cant wait to see it!

    check out my new video for Xtina "you lost me" I put together on youtube. And I have another vid on her comming soon. comment and say what chu think and if you like it please subscribe, thanx. love you.

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  • locoporti 09.10.2010

    I like this poster a lot!! both are two angels Te Amo Christina besitos mua mua!

  • jessicat meow 09.10.2010

    Who is going to see this with me?

  • jesus1974 09.09.2010

    i am glad tha you stand to your principles i know that you gave bionic more than a 100% i love everithing about it .... i like the fact that you did not let anyone else influence to say different. in my opinion there is not one whom can even become closer to you ..... keep on doing it you are a superstar ... i know i suond like a stalker but i am not .... i met you one day on melrose street i was in my jeep u in you bmw ,,, turn around and wave on me since then i like you it wad the most sincere gesture and i like you for that it was about 2.30 in the morning you were in the pasanger side ....goog luck to you christina ..... best wishes i do not think that these moment there is a star as brite as you are do not ever look back please

  • funnnnnman 09.09.2010

    Hi Christina hope your loving life,hurd some of your kick b soul music around on the wind hope life is well give your little one a hug,Hoping for some more huge waves,God Bless P.S. thanks so much for letting me check out your site Ouch that is hot

  • christina beauty will be soo amazing in this film!!! luv ya!

  • Wamii 09.08.2010

    X, you look hot!
    Burlesque will be awesome!
    Love you!

  • omg awesome poser i love youuu!!!!!!! i can't wait to see the moviee ive been waiting on it FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Venezuela 09.08.2010

    I love this poster.... Laughing out loud Xtinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa come to VENEZUELA, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... love u...xoxo

  • klaudiusz506 09.08.2010

    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxXdWQ6Uq1k&amp;feature=related" title="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxXdWQ6Uq1k&amp;feature=related">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxXdWQ6Uq1k&amp;feature=related</a>

  • isweeti 09.08.2010

    xtina is legend
    i love you keep up the good work

  • Xtinafan26 09.06.2010

    thats one HOTT poster!!!!! Smile Can NOT WAIT for this movie!!!! Christina and Cher it will be a HIT!!!!!!!

  • geomicono 09.06.2010

    What a FANTASTIC poster! I'm a visual artist of 32 years, fine/commercial art and advertising. Wonderful expression of naughty and nice and the color choices reflect sweet and sassiness of both of these awsome ladies! As a piece of art advertisging a phenominal presentation, it couldn't have been done better!

  • ajramos 09.06.2010

    omg its so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alfie 09.06.2010

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  • AllaneZ 09.06.2010

    such a very clop !!!
    love you XTINA Wink

  • maferlop 09.06.2010

    that's great! it's so hot:)

  • maxminogue 09.06.2010

    Hermosas las dos OMG , Cher is Perfec and aguilera is hot

  • TIN 09.05.2010

    SEE MY COVER OF "YOU LOST ME" AND COMENT IT IF YOU WANNA.......HOPE YOU LIKE IT XTINA FANS AND FRIENDS! HERE IT IS <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfkLz4PD5nQ" title="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfkLz4PD5nQ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfkLz4PD5nQ</a>



  • bearny81 09.05.2010

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! it's awesome!!!!!!!!! LOVE U CHRISTINA!!!!!!!! XOXO FROM MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!

  • luchoargentina 09.05.2010

    join us!!!!
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  • luchoargentina 09.05.2010

    Add a commentGREAAAT,please christina DESNUDATE can be the third single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dcourtin33 09.05.2010
  • emykait2 09.05.2010

    Looks awsome!! Cannot wait to see it! And I love the moto, very true but not cliche Smile

  • Lauraxtina 09.05.2010

    Love It!

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