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Burlesque Soundtrack Cover Unveiled

That's right Burlesque fans. We now have the official cover for the Motion Picture Soundtrack!! Based off the official Burlesque Movie Poster, the soundtrack will be sure to capture the amazingness and energy of the movie. Are you guys getting excited?!?!

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  • xtinarox13 10.26.2010

    can't wait to listen to the soundtrack!!!!
    it looks amazing!

  • AllaneZ 10.22.2010

    deserve to get best Soundtrack Motion Picture Smile
    Love Xtina Smile

  • orcungokce123 10.22.2010


  • truextinafan 10.13.2010

    OMGGGGGG CHRISTINA AND CHER look amazingggggggg on this cover 2 diva's 2 icons 2 legends this movie is going to be huge a box office hit for sure i cant wait for this movie and soundtrack!so excited!

  • sacelzea 10.09.2010

    I'm so there! This is gonna be one HOT movie!

  • ol1457 10.06.2010

    Christina you are the best and I just find out tha David Guetta need you so please go with him < its gooooonnnnnna be the super 'cause you are the best please do it love ya we want you to be the best

  • LaurenAbro 10.06.2010

    flawless beauties Sexy

  • wow. that is stunning. can't wait for the showing. Smile i'mma watch it on the big screen.

    you're amazing christina!

  • AllaneZ 10.06.2010

    Burlesque: The Motion Picture [Hardcover] on Amazon.com
    <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Burlesque-Motion-Picture-Steve-Antin/dp/0789322013/ref=pd_ts_b_2?ie=UTF8&amp;s=books" title="http://www.amazon.com/Burlesque-Motion-Picture-Steve-Antin/dp/0789322013/ref=pd_ts_b_2?ie=UTF8&amp;s=books">http://www.amazon.com/Burlesque-Motion-Picture-Steve-Antin/dp/0789322013...</a>

  • jd27_9 10.05.2010


  • Tinker 10.05.2010

    Can't wait for this u r just brilliant christina xxxx

  • jaor1 10.05.2010

    chrisssssssss te amo... estoy ancioso por verte en la gran pantalla.

  • luckycamargo 10.05.2010

    Drag queens strike back!!! Go, Christina!!!

  • angputra 10.05.2010

    I can't wait.

  • AJR 10.05.2010

    Xtina, if u read this, pls listen to us. Ur album is amazing. U deserves to be on TOP! You can blow all the others artists today! Don't lose hope on Bionic! Continue promoting it while promoting Burlesque too! Bionic has so many amazing songs! Release d following as SINGLES w/ AMAZING MUSIC VIDEOS: I HATE BOYS, DESNUDATE, PRIMA DONNA, & WOOHOO!! U CAN RELEASE MY GIRLS TOO.... Pls do it for us! WE LOVE YOU CHRISTINA!

  • LadyAguilera 10.04.2010

    OMFG!! it's all about LOVE n GLAMOUR<<

  • Davon 10.04.2010

    god i cannot wait anymore, love ya girl

  • Candass 10.04.2010

    OMG!! So excited, I can't wait to hear it. Christina you are so perfect♥

  • Ikah 10.04.2010

    so beautiful! love it! Wink

  • jark 10.04.2010

    I love u chrisssss XD.......

  • TIN 10.04.2010

    I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW! Laughing out loud



  • X - jl 10.04.2010

    it's amazing......
    OHHH Christina you are beautiful....

  • EcstaticMomentz 10.04.2010


  • Whiteup 10.04.2010

    I can´t WAIT! I´m SO Excited! The music is AMAZING and HER voice... Oh GOD!!!

  • brianbrad 10.04.2010

    HERMOSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥...LA AMOOOOOOOOOOO♥

  • i am kerri 10.04.2010

    can we have a track listing?1? cant wait!

  • dirrtyL 10.04.2010

    It's so fantastic to finally see Christina rising to her full potential, she's unstoppable.

  • Blu 10.04.2010

    Can't wait to hear it!

  • christopher 10.04.2010

    Im dyin to hear and watch the movie but i think they had used a different flick to the soundtrack cuz it's the same of the promo to the movie... i just think so

  • jesscharmed7 10.01.2010

    It looks amazing. Can't wait for the release.

  • Dollyite925 09.30.2010

    I'm BEYOND excited !!! Can't wait for the Soundtrack Release and the Movie Smile

  • katharina 09.30.2010

    Im really looking forward to listening to it

  • dirrtybeyb 09.30.2010

    I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!! Laughing out loud

  • xdrigo 09.29.2010

    i am so excited, i want it now.

  • JoshRicci 09.29.2010

    Comes out the day after my birthdayy!!
    It's like she knew <3

    November 15th-16th
    Best days of the year.

    Along with June 8th, November 24th and December 18th of course Wink

  • love4xtina 09.29.2010

    I can't wait! I can't get enough of Christina. Love you Queen!

  • texas_xtina_fan 09.29.2010

    AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL!!!! Can't wait to get it! When is the release date?!!!

  • varelacr 09.29.2010

    que bien Smile

  • inspiredbyxtina 09.29.2010

    i cant wait its gna be amazing!!!

  • i am kerri 09.29.2010

    OMG CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHENIS THE REALEASE DATE IN AUSTRALIA???!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? WOW i bet these songs will be on tour!

  • jesus1974 09.29.2010


  • HotNicks 09.29.2010


  • Beautiful93 09.29.2010


  • negritochulo1984 09.29.2010

    can't wait so excited!!!

  • GlamourMomma 09.29.2010

    can't wait to add this to my Xtina cd collection! The coloring is gorgeous!

  • TemirlanTima 09.29.2010
  • Freakychiq 09.29.2010


  • sally_wong 09.29.2010


  • mlvcrlive 09.29.2010

    Can't wait to get it

  • AguileraFan 09.29.2010

    Very excited about the soundtrack! Smile

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