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Making Of The Not Myself Tonight Music Video

Check out this fantastic video of Christina Aguilera on the set of her new music video for "Not Myself Tonight." Christina talks about the meaning of the song and some of the inspirations for the video. Take a look!

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  • mariahjolie 07.17.2010

    sexy Cristina Aguielera! Laughing out loud ♥♥♥

  • mariahjolie 07.17.2010

    sexy Cristina Aguielera! Laughing out loud ♥♥♥

  • evildevil17 06.27.2010

    Who's the sexy muscular sweaty guy in the bed scene? Anyone know his name?

    Christina RULEZZZ!

  • pinkaguilera 06.05.2010

    766x in repeat *0*

  • Cati 05.31.2010

    I love this song!

  • It wont play. Sad

  • RYONIC 05.27.2010

    YES!!! lmao fantabulous!

  • reneeb 05.27.2010

    Have yet to find something she does that I dont like! Smile

  • valdanoR 05.27.2010

    It's sooo sexual! And I Love it as usual Wink

  • Antonio Aerendil 05.26.2010

    I completly love it!!!!

    Your look with the long dress oppened in both sides, and straigh hair with ponytale. long eyelashes i thing is the sexiest one!!!! is strong, is sexy and b****y LOVED IT!!!

  • kgb-lion02 05.26.2010

    genial!! pero si habian escenas mejores pero aun asi es un gran video y sin duda el numero uno
    te amo!!!

  • chico bionico 05.26.2010

    Add a commentristina hay muchas escenas geniales que no incluiste en el video! porque??

  • jjony mube 05.26.2010

    i love NMT video, the cloths, the style, the fire, the dance, i love the dance, the provocation ... and CHRISTINA is amazing doing all

  • ItalianBoy 05.26.2010

    OHH Christina you re so HOT!!!!!!!
    *_* Damn!!!! Laughing out loud

  • manolo2.0 05.26.2010

    wow! just great a lot of scenes that we don´t see on the final cut

  • Alireza noori 05.26.2010

    i really really really .... Love Love Love........ uuuuuuuuuuuuuu.........

  • phxroyalty 05.26.2010

    ur awesome and all tht u do!

  • tute 05.26.2010

    i love the song n the video, but i think it could be better, christina gaves the best of her, but the director has a limited vision, i'm still waiting 4 the prefomance in american idol, rock it C/X!!!

  • DitoParlo 05.25.2010

    Tenia partes que no incluyeron y estaban muy buenas. No aprovecharon las escenas de la iglesia para nada. Un director de renombre para nada porque la verdad es un video muy bueno pero no supo aprovechar algunas partes. Podria haberlo hecho divertido, sexual, algo como dirrty pero hizo todo lo contrario. Christina mal eleccion de primer single y definitivamente mal eleccion de director!

  • jbdrrty 05.25.2010

    where's the link to the leaked album???

  • xxttiinnaa 05.25.2010

    i love the making process, love the video XOXO

  • LEFOU IBIZA 05.25.2010

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥christina aguilera♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥....♫llılı|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılı♫♥

  • Hanx EvanS 05.25.2010

    DIOS! habia escenas taaaan maravillosas, porque demonios no las incluyeron???? WOW!

  • Baby_Jane 05.25.2010

    Amazing Laughing out loud

  • Bionic.guy 05.25.2010

    Este Video Esta...Increible !!!!
    Arriba Chris

  • Jorge Hecen 05.25.2010

    le tocan los senos a cada instante!!
    como se atreven?
    exelente el video x cierto

  • SxxN 05.25.2010

    This music video is stunning!

    X is so beautiful and she did a great performance!

  • 3milixtina 05.25.2010

    Its Amazing
    i lOve youu xtinaa!!!!

  • BionicBen 05.25.2010


  • DeonB 05.25.2010

    damn i didnt think she could make an equally sexy and good video than dirrty but she did. it just goes to show why shes the queen of pop

  • M 05.25.2010


  • AngelLenfent 05.25.2010

    Love it <3

  • mariorz88 05.25.2010
  • I love this video Smile
    Christina is so amazing!
    I love and admire everything she does.
    Can't wait for Bionic!

  • pinky 05.25.2010
  • anne2010 05.25.2010

    I just love this!!! She is soo awesome. I can't wait for the album and tour!! x

  • elias23 05.25.2010

    OMG i love you xtina! ♥

  • latinqueen86 05.25.2010

    If Xtina had been upfront in the beginning about detracting from Madonna for her video than the whole gaga vs. Xtina comparison would not have blown up the way it has. I love this video and think it looks nothing like gaga. This video is sexy, fun and has a message. "can't hold us down"! love you Xtina

  • izrey90 05.25.2010

    i cannot wait for the album!!!!!, the piece that heard of "DESNUDATE", wow, just amazing i hope see you soon in Mexico

  • Rilquer 05.25.2010

    Loved it... ^^

  • Abi 05.25.2010

    words certainly do not bring us down Smile and let's not forget who owns the throne!

  • emmanuel ortiz 05.25.2010

    christina me encanta todo lo que haces!! espero lo vuelvas a hacer en español
    espero verte en mexico pronto
    merida yucatn mexico tu fan emmanuel ortiz

  • BionicHoney 05.25.2010

    ur album is perfection

  • Stefanino 05.25.2010


  • Claudus 05.25.2010

    X.Tina, Sexy Lady forever !!

  • Stefanino 05.25.2010


  • Coquette 05.25.2010

    This is one of my favourite videos from X. Can't wait for the next one x

  • oldtricks 05.25.2010

    So damn Bionic

  • gabi_cx 05.25.2010

    love the video.

    too hot.

  • ceed 05.25.2010

    Thanks for all you've done for me through the years.
    BIONIC is LIFE and SOUL. YOU amaze me in so many ways I can't tell. I love the message in NMT. in VANITY. And in all the tracks of your history.
    "Words can't bring us down" right?
    I simply LOVE you, and ALWAYS will.
    Thank YOU.
    All the best forever.

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