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Christina Aguilera on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

Christina Aguilera was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno! and sat down for a chat with Jay Leno and performed a song from her upcoming movie "Burlesque." Check out the video below of her amazing performance of "Bound To You."

Then watch her interview with Jay Leno below!

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  • Quintoia 11.20.2010

    Spectacular performance!!! Smile

  • texas_xtina_fan 11.20.2010

    Wonder why they took off the videos but i watched it the other night and she was amazing!
    love "Bound To You"!!!

  • parcos80 11.20.2010

    Amazing performance, she did such a great job!!! Burlesque in 5 days!!!

  • stripped_dirrty 11.20.2010



  • AllaneZ 11.19.2010

    Christina is stunning here !!!
    Love her style Sexy

  • Her performance was awsome..... She is so great Smile

  • Epiclera 11.19.2010

    I had watched this performance on TV but I had to watch it again online... again and again! Laughing out loud

    Christina's singing style and voice is tooooo awesome and greeeaaattt, I cannot stress this fact enough! LOL

    I love it when songs ends really fantastically : "I am.. ooh Iii Aamm.. I'm boooooouuuuunnnnnnnndd too yooouuu"

    THAT VOICE!!!!!!!! My brain and ears!!!! AMAZING. Just wow. lol

    I will forever be a huge fan of Christina, she will always be my favorite artist! D*MN I love how this song sounds. Geez!!!!

  • chpchipichp 11.19.2010

    your performance was amazing!!!!

  • mynix 11.19.2010

    Can't watch - only in US. That sucks, but thank web for youtube.

  • xtinaslvr 11.19.2010

    Oh my good God...Christina you have yet again taken my breath away!!! I just watched the performance of Bound to You and omg...my eyes are watering?! You are, and will always be THE BEST!!! Say what you want about Christina haters, but she totally killed it! I absolutely cannot wait for Burlesque to hit theatres!!!

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