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Don't Miss Christina Aguilera on Ellen!

Don't forget to tune into The Ellen DeGeneres Show on NBC at 4PM to see Christina Aguilera! Christina will be chatting with Ellen and performing. Check out a sneak peek of her appearance below!

Performance of "Something's Got a Hold on Me."

Christina's Chat with Ellen

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  • lucaas phelipe 11.21.2010

    oh my god you are so beautiful christina
    i love you

  • ol1457 11.20.2010

    does any one knows where is gonna be Christina new years party 2010 ????

  • ol1457 11.20.2010

    super super like always xxx

  • Quintoia 11.20.2010

    Lucky Christina! You get a cake and candy (eye candy that is) LOL! Wink Smile

  • mshunkin13 11.20.2010

    Cant wait for the movie and love to see Christina in moe movies. she got the look and the voice for die for.

  • lexiru 11.20.2010

    burlesque is gonna be so good

  • omerr 11.20.2010

    in one word fantastic <3

  • Fredstina 11.20.2010

    *moderator's note: deleted due to the misuse of capital letters*

  • texas_xtina_fan 11.20.2010

    Now that's how you perform a song!!! LOVE the interview!

  • Claudus 11.20.2010

    Absolutely beautiful !!!!

  • mynix 11.20.2010

    She was so cute and sweet when she said that she was smart this years so Max could have a real Halloween. And that's true that there were not the much of photos as last year.

  • P.A.M.E 11.20.2010

    Buena actuacion.like allways

  • hanabanana 11.20.2010

    That was amazing!!!
    I can't wait to see Burlesque in theaters!
    I love you from Japan:D!!!

  • PatiiSofia 11.20.2010

    Amazing! christina you are perfect!
    The performance is PERFECT! just perfect! I love her voice!

  • parcos80 11.20.2010

    Great Job Christina!!! The song was awesome!!! Can't wait to see Burlesque!!!

  • Coconut33 11.20.2010


  • Coconut33 11.20.2010

    Always Beautiful ! she preserve her amazing voie ! I LOVE YOUU

  • al3xxx99 11.20.2010

    Add a commenthas a surprise 4 Xtina!!! Xtina was amazin' performin' & yeahhhp she just keeps getting better with age!!!

  • patrick 11.20.2010

    I watched the show and she did an always amazing job singing!

  • AllaneZ 11.19.2010

    Diva is back !!!! Shock
    Love you Christina Sexy

  • Epiclera 11.19.2010


    Christina's voice has definitely gotten more deep and powerful and EEEPIIIIICCC ever since she became a mother! This change in the vocals is permanent I think, at this point. And it is grrreeeaaaaaatttt!!!!! Thank you, Max! Laughing out loud

    Etta James would approve of this performance!

  • Auror382 11.19.2010

    She was AMAZING on Ellen <3 The performance was fantastic ! One of her BEST vocals ever !

  • AsmaDiab1983 11.19.2010

    she's always amazing <3
    good luck Christina Smile

  • TIN 11.19.2010

    STUNNING! Love this performance!!!!!



    TIN, from Argentina

  • Zippy 11.19.2010

    Is she really getting divorced????? OMG, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I cannot believe it!!! ;( They are (were) a dream-couple!!! Sad
    we, your fans, love you!!! xoxo

  • VanityGirl 11.19.2010

    She looks a little bit sad Sad But i really love her hair!! And she sings amazingly beautiful!

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