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Being Burlesque With Rachel Zoe

Ever wanted to get the Burlesque look? Well now you can! Rachel Zoe and Teen.com have teamed up to bring us an amazing video series called "Being Burlesque" that show you how to infuse the look of fashions of Burlesque into your everyday wardrobe. From weekend to weekday, Racehl Zoe gives you the tips to get that timeless look while still being fashion forward. Check out all three videos below!

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  • balladeer27 12.02.2010

    no grammy nods for Bionic =(

  • JessicaBentall 12.01.2010

    Christina graces the cover of this months LA Confidential where she spills about her idol Cher and where she got the strength to play the character in Burlesque. Check it out:

    <a href="http://www.la-confidential-magazine.com/home-page/articles/christina-aguilera-heats-up-in-burlesque" title="http://www.la-confidential-magazine.com/home-page/articles/christina-aguilera-heats-up-in-burlesque">http://www.la-confidential-magazine.com/home-page/articles/christina-agu...</a>

  • mynix 12.01.2010

    Gosh that's a lot of dress and shoose there.

  • P.A.M.E 11.30.2010

    Bueno estuvo bien.¥ xtina 15 muy buena idea;-)

  • Jessi Monique 11.30.2010

    Didn't really like these videos. The outfits were blah and not Burlesque at all. On the other hand, I saw Burlesque last weekend... AND IT WAS AMAZING. Love you Christina!

  • xtina15 11.30.2010

    For all Xtina Fans in the Usa !
    Why we are not make Xtina a VERY BIG Xmas present ?
    When we all Buy the Burlesque Soundtrack & Make Fangroups in Facebook & other Networks,that we bring the Soundtrack at Number 1! When Everybody Buy it than its possible !
    Come On Everybody Help Our Girl.

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