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Christina..please Make Twitter >,<

Christina..please Make Twitter >,<

Christina,,seriously I really wish you make a twitter account. We, your fans, will follow you. You know, twitter is a good deal to get closer with fans.

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  • lilianxxx 06.01.2010

    NO. Christina is NOT a Twitter person and I LOVE THAT!

  • Epiclera 06.01.2010

    Christina doesn't need to create a Twitter account if she doesn't want to.

    And she doesn't even need to get close to her fans. At least, I don't think so. It's not necessary.

    The only thing that needs to get closer right now is JUNE 8TH and the BIONIC CD!!!!!!!!! LOL Laughing out loud

  • thesamegirl 06.01.2010

    Twitter it's more usefull and quick than this site to read news (I have a lot of problem with the site, I can't log me in when I'm at home and I don't know WHY?!?!?!)
    I don't think twitter is stupid, the people who use twitter can be stupid. It's different.
    About the hater: xtina sings about how no matter what the people say...

    Anyway, if she doesn't like to use internet a lot, I don't care to have a twitter account from her with only 1 or 2 words once in a while

  • mlvcrlive 06.01.2010

    we can alway catch the latest Christina news here. No twitter needed. @littledreamer thats awesome I have Britney Spears following me

  • littledreamer♥ 05.31.2010

    i know this is xtinas site but my life is complete now. (:
    someone (not me) asked her about xtinas idol performance ' RT @TATULife: @kelly_clarkson What did you think of Xtina's performance at the AI finale? She has one hell of a voice, that's what I think'

  • No, tweeter is not good for her. We get all the updates here on her website. Plus, msgs from her to her fans and so on! Honestly, I really hope she doesn't. Imagine all the hate comments she'd be getting? Its pretty nasty out there, ppl are just pure rude to her, do we need more of that? No! >.<

  • BionicFighter 05.25.2010

    I agree with Dee...but not about Twitter sucking. Good or bad, I think people make Twitter into something too deep. IF she got a Twitter, her management would probably run it, a lot like how they run her Facebook. She might tweet once in a blue moon with little blurbs, but nothing much. (Again, like her Facebook). I like having her OFFICIAL SITE as the go-to stop to hear things directly from her. It makes sense. We can get close to her here, plenty of other celebs use there site to get close with fans, and it works fine. If she got a Twitter, best believe I'll follow her, but this website is phenomenal.

  • Lukin Aguilera 05.25.2010

    In fact, Christina doesnt like too much of this 'internet stuffs'... But it will be funny if she does!

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 05.25.2010

    I hate twitter, I think it's stupid. Facebook has status updates, which is pretty much what Twitter is. So, if I use Facebook, why would I use twitter?

    And honestly, people use twitter for the stupidest updates. Walking the dog...frying an egg...etc. I think Christina is much too intelligent to subject herself to that level of stupidity.

  • candee2 05.25.2010

    I hope she doesn't, some of her fans are nutcakes and not in a good way. They have personally attacked the people who's associated with her, I can well imagine how she would be attacked on twitter.

    I am happy with her using the sites she has up right now, twitter sux.

  • Abi 05.25.2010

Color Christina! Choose a new style!