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How has Xtina impacted your life?

How has Xtina impacted your life?

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  • Xtinalover4ever 02.26.2012

    She is my all time idol. I love her and her music and whenever i feel down or am just looking to listen to good music i always play her. She helps me when i just want to be inspired and she should never stop being who she is <3

  • AnneRae25 02.12.2012

    She was the person who has helped me the most. Her voice, attitude, personality have all encouraged me to be a better person. she encouraged me through high school, being bullied and she can never really know how much she means to me and all of her fans <3

  • Criss Tareyton 10.28.2011

    She inspires me in every way Her music keeps me going Encourages me to push on Her need to Impower Women has moved me in many ways When I listen to Christina's Radio when I'm working on my books, my art or when I'm just chilling It eases my mind Cause she has great tatse in music
    I love that she has turned me on to so many great songs I could have missed out on
    Christina U Rock My World n Thats one hell of an Impact in my life

  • martinlongden 10.27.2011

    Christina is revealed as a beautiful woman of soul and heart through her magnificent voice - I feel her passion, her energy for life and her heart to share her incredible magnificence as a stunning, strong, yet sensually feminine woman. Thank you Christina that I can enjoy your gift, and the heart you have, to bring it to those of us who truly appreciate your gift. X

  • starlight06 09.05.2011

    Christina's voice alone is moving but the song that struck the the most was I'm Ok. I can relate so much to the song. To see someone that has gone through a similar situation and turn it into something positive is inspirational. I hope to turn my words into something that can give a girl from the next generation hope the way that Christina has done for me.

  • phantom11 09.03.2011

    vitor, você está fora de sua mente?

    *pardon any mistakes, using google translator*

  • aguileraP.R. 09.03.2011

    vitor hugo omg dont do that!!
    !!!!por deus não faça isso!!!!.

  • vitor hugo 08.30.2011

    em portugal dizem que e um extraterrestre nunca percebi esta situacao

  • phantom11 08.28.2011

    It looks like advertisement. And yeah, didn't see the magazine.

  • vitor hugo 08.28.2011

    phantom11 conheces a foto?qual o proposito dessa foto?era fazer publicidade?

  • vitor hugo 08.27.2011

    se calhar essa edicao nao apareceu nos e.u.a. mas apareceu em portugal na la redoute,e eu como sou curioso tive que ver...

  • vitor hugo 08.27.2011

    <a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ICfSP_zpftA/TMAHplddFNI/AAAAAAAABco/wCU5Oy5rSQ8/s1600/07252008_skechers_05.jpg" title="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ICfSP_zpftA/TMAHplddFNI/AAAAAAAABco/wCU5Oy5rSQ8/s1600/07252008_skechers_05.jpg">http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ICfSP_zpftA/TMAHplddFNI/AAAAAAAABco/wCU5Oy5rSQ...</a>

  • phantom11 08.25.2011

    Well of course I follow her. An what pictures?

  • candee2 08.25.2011

    Phantom, I believe instead of answering he is asking you if you follow Christina...and I believe he said that there are photos in the La Redoute magazine.

  • phantom11 08.24.2011

    I'm tottally lost now.

  • ijamseeds 08.24.2011

    god vitor you crack me up

  • vitor hugo 08.24.2011

    conheces umas fotos que ela tem na la redoute?

  • vitor hugo 08.24.2011

    phantom11 tu acompanhas aguilera?

  • phantom11 08.21.2011


  • AllaneZ 08.21.2011

    LOL Laughing out loud

  • phantom11 08.21.2011

    Do you understand English Vitor?

  • ijamseeds 08.20.2011

    hey vitor why not just feature christina aguilera art? instead of those LSD inspired art you're posting

  • vitor hugo 08.20.2011

    christina maria aguilera

  • vitor hugo 08.20.2011

    <a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_kd8guQqkRLw/R77cQC5aHmI/AAAAAAAAAXw/kM4apXcag30/s1600/Apocalipse%2Be%2Betc.%2B177.jpg" title="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_kd8guQqkRLw/R77cQC5aHmI/AAAAAAAAAXw/kM4apXcag30/s1600/Apocalipse%2Be%2Betc.%2B177.jpg">http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_kd8guQqkRLw/R77cQC5aHmI/AAAAAAAAAXw/kM4apXcag3...</a>

  • vitor hugo 08.20.2011

    foste tu que apagaste os outros?e porque nao apagaste o de moises?tem alguma coisa a ver com a aguilera?se calhar ate tem mas voces sao emcompreensiveis e totalmente obscuro para a vossa mente

  • candee2 08.20.2011

    I can understand what Vitor is saying just fine, some I have deleted is inappropriate for the forums and some are just not relatable to xtina. So no matter what Vitor is, the posts has to have some relevence or it will be deleted.

    Sooner or later, I will get tired of deleting the same posters comments and will just delete the account.

    Vitor, you post in a language not understood by the majority, but not just that, you post videoes that are just as indecipherable, or not understood, when you do that it's like you are promoting some obscure thing, not Christina. Stop.

  • vitor hugo 08.20.2011

    como voces conseguem chegar a esse consenso?expliquem por favor

  • phantom11 08.17.2011

    "vitor hugo is xtina. punking us"

    So vitor is dee's alternate account?

  • ijamseeds 08.17.2011

    vitor hugo is xtina. punking us

  • xtinarox1113 08.16.2011

    That or he's Hebrew or Isralian or something along that line and that's what he is trying tell us.

  • candee2 08.15.2011

    If Hugo continues to post seemingly random things without explanation in this thread I will ban Hugo, whatever the attempt is.

  • phantom11 08.15.2011

    Is vitor trying to say Christina's Moses?

  • vitor hugo 08.15.2011

    <a href="http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTobadhy3Kn3ZbdVet7F53vp7VsQII42mloiv4HBUktYji9SC6ECw" title="http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTobadhy3Kn3ZbdVet7F53vp7VsQII42mloiv4HBUktYji9SC6ECw">http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTobadhy3Kn3ZbdVet7F53vp7VsQII42...</a>

  • Ghislaine 08.07.2011

    @xtinarox1113 & @Beautiful93: Thank you! Most of our tides... are rollercoaster rides... where at times you'll meet... something that's your need... Smile

  • AngelIanne 08.06.2011

    Christina impacted my life by showing her a different person from the other people, by being more than just a blonde hair and huge boobs and telling how a woman should react into a male society.

  • xtinarox1113 08.03.2011


  • Beautiful93 08.03.2011

    @xtinarox1113: I agree! I love the last two sentences: "Words, perhaps, convey a mood, but can't express my gratitude..."

  • xtinarox1113 07.31.2011

    Beautifully put @Ghislaine.

  • Ghislaine 07.31.2011

    Simple words will not suffice
    to describe the joy and bliss
    that her music means to me:
    An angel's voice, elysian glee,
    a promise with an echo, strong,
    of whence we came -- and do belong.
    Words, perhaps, convey a mood,
    but can't express my gratitude...

  • xtinarox1113 07.30.2011

    Christina has made me believe in myself on a level I would have never reached without her music, lyrics and voice. It is because of her I now want to sing; because of her I push myself to succeed even when it looks grim; becuase of her, I have realized that I can do anything as long as I am a "Fighter", I "Trust The Voice Within" and I know that Nobody Can Hold Me Down.

  • AllaneZ 07.30.2011

    Listen to my heart when getting confuse... So thanks Christina for this...

  • McGoldrick 07.29.2011

    Her Music has kept me sane when I thought there was nothing worth holding onto. One of her songs made me confront the violent suicides of two of my best friends when I was 14 and 17. Before that I had tried to suppress the emptyness with Wiskey and weed. Xtina herself give creedence to my attitude towards the double standard that lays derogotory terms upon a female that a males gets accolades for. But last but not least, one has to admit that powerful voice of hers appeals to the Welsh side of me in that I like the way can project the medium to high notes a bit like Catherine Jenkins(Welsh operatic/pop singer).

  • ijamseeds 07.13.2011

    she revolutionized my singing style! YEAH!

  • She's taught me to always be myself no matter what.

  • Xtina'sTopFan 06.28.2011

    She has taught me to just love life and live to the fullest no matter what happens. She has put so much joy in my life with her music and her voice. She seems to have a song to fit every single one of my moods. Although I've never met Christina, I feel like she's a part of my family and I would absolutely love to meet her..and hopefully I'll get the chance one day. She is my inspiration, my teacher on the hardships of life (and how to overcome them), and just seeing her brightens my day. Overall, she is my idol and I love her to death and she impacts my life each and every day no matter what she does!

  • Rosane_Xtina 06.23.2011

    Xtina impacted many things in my life. One of them is, she showed me to not care what people say about you, to not care about these kind of people who try to put you down. Because they are a waste of time. When she thought me this, when she opened my eyes to think this way, was when I heard the song "Beautiful" for the first time, and I was passing through a hard moment in my life!! So, Xtina through her songs she thought us many, many things.

  • phantom11 06.23.2011

    Ooh I want to get into details but I don't know if I can or not. But the impact has been huge.

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