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Official Photos

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  • xxmariecxx 03.16.2015

    She looks so innocent.

  • carlos123 03.07.2015

    Hello Christina, this photo was a very nice work, you look very young and the pink reminds me of the POP music that you play. I hope I could have your address to write you my letters. I hope you do great and wish you the very best. God Bless You and Your Family Christina.

  • she looks so pretty! u rock christina

  • michilzhirkov 09.16.2014


  • silvio kane 03.30.2014


  • chris bowen 05.16.2013

    hey to the queen

  • Chris_jc_xa 11.15.2012

    People we are trying to trend #JustAFool on twitter and get everyone to know that we need to buy the song on iTunes and get it top 10 so that Christina will surely have to release it as a single after such a success! Please help us get it to trend and chart!

  • buddys 07.01.2012

    luv this photo

  • PakiShaikh 05.27.2012


  • loverboy250 03.29.2012

    so cute xx

  • Mysterious pie 03.02.2012

    Even when small, how sexy.

  • karenpieris 11.11.2011

    perfect smile, eyes and hair. you are just the best!

  • desde pequeña es hermosa

  • andicito91 07.06.2011

    ive always think xtina has the most beautiful lipsss in ever like u bby

  • Axela 02.21.2011

    Агилера, ты прелесть). Не ожидал увидеть такую фотку.

  • ViaGotzMilk 02.19.2011

    _AWWWW, L00KiT THAT SMiLE! #TeamTina #ILoveChrissi ★☆ Laughing out loud

  • mjohn78665 02.07.2011

    Not you, not honest

  • Barney 01.16.2011

    Ilove long hair too

  • Barney 01.16.2011

    you are beautiful

  • ilyas 11.03.2010

    لم يخلق مثلهاقط
    wow.. ich liebe sie

  • Sweetboy 09.24.2010

    Such a beaufiful woman.

  • PatiiSofia 09.15.2010

    PS: I love her hair Laughing out loud

  • PatiiSofia 09.15.2010

    OMG! so beautiful!!!
    So sweet and cute. I love her! and I love this picture...

  • Meadhbhie 07.16.2010

    she's perfection

  • Meadhbhie 07.16.2010

    why can't you tell she's teeny

  • Franklin 07.05.2010

    es una diosa

  • lina 06.13.2010

    es hermosa como ella no hay 2

  • lina 06.13.2010

    es hermosa como ella no hay 2

  • Xtinarocks 05.21.2010

    Soooo sweet! Love her ♥

  • Cadela 05.21.2010

    She's such an angel

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