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What was your previous username?!!

What was your previous username?!!

See if we can all get to know each other again Smile

Mine was my name! Nichola_Byrne, this was the first forum I ever signed up to! I didn't think about a username!

I chose Bobblehead coz I think it's hilarious! But wait like, I don't get it!!!!!

I can also have my Bobblehead moments!

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  • Oona 05.30.2010

    @ maxtina: Cool I'm looking forward to the pics!!! Love & kiss u

  • leanneabell 05.30.2010

    oh am actually already a member of cmm hahaha didnt even realise lol its bit complicated lol mind you it dont take much to get me confused haha

  • leanneabell 05.30.2010

    is there another site everyone is on ??

  • maxtina 05.30.2010

    Aww, Oona..... Laughing out loud I'm so happy that ur there..... Hugs & kisses... I'll send u the pics later.... Laughing out loud

  • Oona 05.30.2010

    Hey Unknown!! Laughing out loud
    I was Fizzgig on the previous forum.

  • awesomegenie 05.29.2010

    Mine was awesomegenie. I'm happy I can keep the name. Smile

  • XTINA_Fan 05.29.2010

    Mine was BabyJane2007 in honour of the fabulous Back to basics album!!

  • maxtina 05.29.2010

    xX_Aleera_Bathory_Xx , Bobblehead, Prima Donna, leanneabell, thanks 4 answering & thanks 4 the love.... I remember ya all!

    LoL... It's so bad that u can't reply with whom u want, this forum reminds me a twitter.......

  • Prima Donna 05.29.2010

    Hey leanneabell! I remember you! Smile

    I don't know that Rachel cares for how this forum is set up, so she chooses not to be on here much. Nothing wrong with that though. Smile

  • leanneabell 05.29.2010

    hey hey ive kept same name Laughing out loud how come rachel aint on here ??

  • Prima Donna 05.29.2010

    Hey Uknown!!<3

    Rach's username is still Stripped713, she's just not on here much...

  • Bobblehead 05.29.2010

    Uknown!!!!!!!!!!! HEYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  • Im not a member on cmm though. Tongue
    @maxtina: i know right? its good! havent seen her either, i don't remember her new username

  • maxtina 05.28.2010

    I was Uknown....... Aww, I'm so glad that i see so many old memebers there, I even can't name u guys!!! Love ya all...... Just can't find Rach, I bet she has a new username......
    <3 <3

  • Prima Donna 05.28.2010

    I am. I'm not very active on the boards there though. I've posted a few times, but not much. I used to be DynamiteFighter over there, but now I'm Prima Donna there as well.

  • Madame_X 05.28.2010

    LOL, you can request a reminder though.

  • Bobblehead 05.28.2010

    I think I am can't remember my username though!

  • Madame_X 05.27.2010

    So are all you guys registered over on cmm too? Smile

  • Prima Donna 05.27.2010

    Hi Fancentric buddies!! Laughing out loud

    I was DynamiteFighter, then when I got here I changed my name to BionicFighter, but I'm not Prima Donna. I'll be keeping it that way for a while. Nice to know who's who!

  • Bobblehead 05.27.2010

    Any more people from the previous forum here?

  • Madame_X 05.22.2010

    Hi Nichola! I love your new name.

    I was "voicewithin" on official forum... but everyone who knows me, calls me by my name, Julie.

    Fab to see so many here from Christina's old forum. x

  • mlvcrlive 05.22.2010

    my username is alway mlvcrlive

  • candee2 05.22.2010

    Candy Williams on LD
    candee2 mod extraordinaire (lol) on previous official fancentric boards

  • tatig6 05.22.2010

    I was tatitati here, have always been tatig6 on LD Smile

  • Fighter 05.22.2010

    I was "Chileno" in the Christina's FanCentric official forum.

  • I Am...Laura 05.22.2010

    My username at the previous username was lovechristina4ever167

  • underappreciated 05.22.2010

    A very pleasant good evening, ladies and gentleman
    It is now time, the one and only
    There never will be another, Underappreciated!

  • Appelsien04 05.22.2010

    mine was esther01, i like this one better. A bit more crypted! Tongue

  • Sander 05.22.2010

    Sander! Not that I was that active to begin with, but I posted sometimes Smile

  • HereToStay 05.22.2010

    Oh hey Sarah, Diane, Aleera, Nichola, Josh, ciufix, Kane, andz, Emma and all other people from the forums Laughing out loud lol.. I used to be XChristina_Aguilera_4everX.. I prefer this name a lot more (:

  • Bobblehead 05.22.2010

    Yep! I was gonna pick Save Me From Myself, but I think I'm gonna LOVE Bobblehead!!!! Hey everyone!!!

  • Hi "FoxyD" =D Yupiiii! Laughing out loud

  • UhXXLetMeLoose 05.22.2010

    OMG i never would've guessed you'd have picked "Bobblehead"!!! haha! nice choice!

    I'm "FoxyD"

    i couldn't think of anything deep and meaningful in time and i really wanted to get on here, so i just used my youtube channel name...... well, my youtube channel that got deleted for copyright the other day but whatever lol!

  • Sam 05.22.2010

    my name was "i love jack"

    and i don't love him anymore Shock

  • Hi Sarah! Laughing out loud

  • PrimaDonna968 05.22.2010

    I was BabyJane968. Smile I definitely prefer the old forums... which still haven't been taken down, Wink so see you back there guys! x

  • Mine was pretty much the same as now, but without the "X"s ^^ Nice to see familiar faces heere! Laughing out loud

  • ciufix 05.22.2010

    I'm still Ciufix Smile

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 05.21.2010

    I was FinalEyes before. I didn't like the new forums at first, but I think I'll grow accustomed to them. It just takes some getting used to. Smile

  • littledreamer 05.21.2010

    hey everyone (:
    mine was andz.

  • xtinaJMT 05.21.2010

    I'm JMTChristinaFan, left the JMT in there too make it easier Wink

  • Bionicxx 05.21.2010


  • babykane 05.21.2010

    Hey I'm still Baby Kane hehe the website is incredible though finding the boards a little confusing to navigate lol

    Baby Kane xXx

  • I was Lucyf

  • franca 05.21.2010

    Hey Nichola! I'm from the old Christina forum too! I was franny13. Not sure if I like this new forum...

  • prince_04 05.21.2010

    I can't see my post! Anyway my name was candyboi but I don't usually post Tongue

  • prince_04 05.21.2010

Elige tu estilo!