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Christina Takes Over Fuse This Monday!

Tune in to Fuse television this Monday 6/7 starting at 11am ET for all things Christina all day: music videos, live performances plus the premiere of Fuse’s exclusive interview special On The Record which airs throughout the day.

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  • roro 07.19.2010

    a love you

  • candee2 06.10.2010

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  • Ife 06.05.2010

    SO happy i get to see it! Laughing out loud

  • elferi 06.03.2010

    I hope someone put the interview on Youtube, because it's not available in Indonesia..

  • anthony_john16 06.03.2010

    she's amazing her... she's beautiful on the interview

  • cathyga 06.03.2010

    Can't wait to see it! Laughing out loud

  • romyromanza 06.03.2010

    Can't wait to see her.

  • wmajid 06.03.2010

    Cant wait to see this.

  • FierceDiva 06.03.2010

    OMG I am so happy its on my day off so I can sit home and watch all day... Hell yeah!!

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 06.03.2010

    Cool! I'll definitely be watching! Smile

  • diepmayer 06.02.2010

    I can't wait for more

  • texas_xtina_fan 06.02.2010

    I'm totally seeing it!! Waking up early and sleeping late!!Smile

  • X-tina 06.02.2010

    Does anyone know if this station is available in Canada?

  • LEFOU IBIZA 06.02.2010

    the best

  • LEFOU IBIZA 06.02.2010


  • DiegOo 06.02.2010

    FANS!!! FRIENDS!!! the new CAMPAIGNE!!! PUT IN Twitter "BIONIC" lets do trend topic!!! COme on!!! and do promotion to Bionic 8th JUNE! in facebook, twitter, msn ! Tongue

  • Alezxz 06.02.2010


  • MATT 06.02.2010

    damn it, i have school.

  • Blu 06.02.2010

    Bout dang time Fuse showed her some love! Looking forward to it, especially the interview. She looked hot that day rockin the "Bionic" hair. Smile

  • gabi_cx 06.02.2010

    cant wait. she looks beautiful

  • Lionel808 06.02.2010

    I'm watching fuse right now! I can't wait! GO CHRISTINA!

  • Franco 06.02.2010


  • CHRISTINA TE AMO, ME ALEGRA mucho que ya se acerca el dia 8 de junio y el 6 de junio muero por verte en los mtv movie y tanbien me alegro que not myself tonight volvio hacer numero 1 en mtv usa y que mtvla ya estas en el numero de 6 despues de dos dias de ingresar al ranking de los 10 mas pedidos.

  • amira 06.02.2010

    i luv ya christina wish ya could come to Egypt and make a concert cause i'll be the first one there

  • nikchristy 06.02.2010

    ma in italia nn si vedeeeeeee

  • caionic 06.02.2010

    love love loveeeeeee ♥

  • Sergeh9 06.02.2010


  • iscvictor 06.02.2010

    esperando para verla

  • J.McSherry 06.02.2010


  • omerr 06.02.2010

    Looking forward to Monday

  • jjony mube 06.02.2010

    Christina laugh is the best! She is so cute! i love Chris

  • AngelLenfent 06.02.2010


  • Lauren_lennie579 06.02.2010

    i dont get this channel!!! :'(

  • Ladytina 06.02.2010

    Wow I cannot wait also Smile Xtina is back....

  • BrianleeDonavan 06.02.2010


  • AlannaRenae 06.02.2010

    Excited! It's gonna be a good way to kick off the week! Monday - Fuse CA Special ... then Tuesday BI~ON~IC!!!!! Laughing out loud

  • wblanco85 06.02.2010

    need to get cable now.

  • guicossich 06.02.2010


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