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Christina And The World Food Programme

Food should not be a luxury. I met children in Haiti who would have nothing to eat if it weren't for the World Food Programme. Watch a video from my trip and join me. You can change a child's life!

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  • sayhello 06.05.2010

    angeltina luv u ♥

  • stripped_dirrty 06.05.2010

    Amazing Woman Love You Too

  • texas_xtina_fan 06.04.2010

    LOVE your heart! Thank you so much for healing this country as much as you can!

  • Sandra Venezuela 06.04.2010

    Christina that programme is really beautiful..... congratulacion!!!!! love u for that and more

  • wmajid 06.04.2010

    You are Beautiful inside and out, keep doing the good work.

  • lia1825 06.04.2010

    You're such an inspiration!
    Thanks for doing this!
    Keep going girl!

  • diepmayer 06.03.2010

    love you so much

  • mlvcrlive 06.03.2010

    you are such an Insperation

  • Markoo87 06.03.2010

    You're right Chris ... we should all eat for free ... but unfortunately it is not so! Keep doing what you do .... you're a great! i love you

  • candee2 06.03.2010


  • AguileraFan116 06.03.2010

    You are so inspiring Christina! This is one of the many reasons why I love you and look up to you! Thank you so much for making a difference! You have a big heart full of love! Those kids in Haiti are so lucky to have you and the WFP! Way to go Christina! Good for you! Keep it up Christina! Love ya! <3

  • Claudus 06.03.2010

    Merci Christina pour ta générosité envers les enfants.

  • J.McSherry 06.03.2010

    People only need so much money, the rest is just for showing. So, I made my monthly donation. And, God-willing, if I have more than I need again next month, I'll do it again. Thanks for being an inspiration of strength and power, Christina! <3

  • luquitete 06.03.2010

    You're a great woman.

  • DiegOo 06.03.2010


  • MarinesQueen 06.03.2010

    I was homeless as a child. I know what its like to go days without food or water. Thank you Christina for making a difference.

  • shahar_18 06.03.2010

    Christina you are an ANGEL!

  • heavyrocker 06.03.2010

    Christina, you are the best woman in the world and it's true, YOU ARE BIONIC!!!

  • BionicFred 06.03.2010

    I actually bought some calendars and bookmarks at Pizza Hut as a donation for the WFP! Smile

  • FierceDiva 06.03.2010

    OMG you are amazing. Helped raise over 22 million for hunger! Such a sad, but excellent cause we need to focus on! Great work Xtina!

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