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Christina Aguilera Performing Live on the Today Show Tomorrow Morning

Christina will be performing live tomorrow, Tuesday June 8th, on the Today Show performing some of her greatest hits and new songs off her upcoming album, "Bionic".

All are encouraged to come to the plaza for the live performance. Viewing is on a first-come, first-served basis outside TODAY’s window-on-the-world studio, located at 49th Street and Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. Fans should arrive by 6 a.m. for best viewing.

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  • gabrielcgo 06.10.2010

    la descarga de los videos del "today show" son de muy mala voz del conductor del programa y de la gante del publico presente se escucha terrible.pueden comprobarlo si prestan atencion.por lo tanto la voz de christina esta igual que todos los dias.o si no como puede ser que halla estado dos dias despues en el show de david leterman y que su voz se halla escuchado fantastica.saludos a todos los se olviden de votar.argentina te ama chris!!!!!!!!!

  • CHRISDAL03 06.10.2010

    READ THIS ALBUM REVIEW: Christina Aguilera – BIONIC | The Patchwork Of Pop Music’s Progression In This Decade
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • CHRISDAL03 06.10.2010

    ALBUM REVIEW: Christina Aguilera – BIONIC | The Patchwork Of Pop Music’s Progression In This Decade
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • irisbionicsoul 06.09.2010

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    Who do you support Christina or Lady Gaga?
    Christina fans; please vote for our girl!

  • irisbionicsoul 06.09.2010

    <a href=";scrollTo=poll451" title=";scrollTo=poll451">;scrollTo=poll451</a>
    Who do you support Christina or Lady Gaga?
    Christina fans; please vote for our girl!

  • chadformeloza 06.09.2010

    i enjoyed the show because of you xtina. you made us dancing and feeling the songs. you just keep on getting better and better

  • XoXoDJ 06.08.2010

    Bionic is out already! OMG!

  • BionicHoney 06.08.2010

    queen xtinA

  • john1112 06.08.2010







  • RayRay87 06.08.2010

    am watching it right now!!!!

  • FierceDiva 06.08.2010

    I watched the performance, and although fighter was not her best, hey its live what do we expect? I think a few missed notes are just that. I am waiting for her to come back full force, remember she has been on hiatus 4 years and I don't think her voice is gone because we saw the amazing performances on CNN heros, and the Haiti benefit, but I do think her voice has changed because hello she is getting older, doesn't everyone's voice change throughout life...but the rest of the performances were great!Let her warm up on the seen before we make judgments! I would rather hear Xtina trying her best, than singing over back ups, lip syncing, or letting her back up singers sing the songs for her like other artist do!

  • kate_poland 06.08.2010

    i'd love to come, too bad i'm from europe:)

  • ge8194 06.08.2010

    because she is goddess in my mind
    first time saw her cracking..

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 06.08.2010

    1 note cracked...that's all. 1 note! Everything else was spot on...why are you being so negative about it, ge?

    I barely noticed, and even when I did, I didn't care, because she still gave an energetic brilliant performance.

    I'm sure you could find performances dating back to the first album when Christina's voice cracked when she was tired. Remember when she was on Much Music in 2000? She had a cold then, and her voice was raspy and cracked in a few places. Still one of my favorite live performances. Smile

  • ge8194 06.08.2010

    5 SONGS!

  • latinqueen86 06.08.2010

    how many songs did she perform? Also, NO ONE is perfect, although she manages to get very close, so who cares if she missed a note her or there. It was still entertaining and that is the main point.

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 06.08.2010

    Her voice cracked, but at least it was on key. Which is more than a lot of other artists can attest to.

    I've thrown out the Peter Gabriel example before, but he is an example of someone whose voice has cracked before live in concert, and he still is a fantastic singer.

    People forget that Christina is human, and has human vocal chords. Sometimes they'll get tired and crack. Even Pavarotti had his off days.

  • Gan Yuri 06.08.2010

    CHRISTINA is still the Soprano that i loved since 1999 >.< "are you ready to go?..."

  • ge8194 06.08.2010

    hope she can rest more!!

  • Gan Yuri 06.08.2010

    Who cares if she missed it, it means that she sings live, unlike others... and i also feel that P.Hilton will make a bad post again on his site about Xtina's performance. dont worry xtina we're here =p

  • Gan Yuri 06.08.2010

    a singer always need to get 8 hours or more of sleep to have a good singing voice the next day, maybe she wasnt able to. i think its understandable because today's the album debut, so i think a lot of things have to be done. she's been a busy gurl and she's a mom too, i think she's the type of person that she wanted to delve on things personally ^_~

  • Gan Yuri 06.08.2010

    it's 10:58PM(06-08)here in the Philippines and rushed to watched her performance on the net.

  • ge8194 06.08.2010

    her voice cracked when singing FIGHTER..
    i think christina knew that she was not good as usual..
    but i still love her
    hope it's simply because it was too early!

  • Gan Yuri 06.08.2010

    She's Bionic as ever, she wasn't able to sing fighter's high note but she's professional and went on, i felt "omg" but she's great!!! ^_^

  • lc6mg 06.08.2010

    She has nothing to prove about her voice. She is always great!

  • marinello 06.08.2010

    she did miss notes but at least she sings her ass out live Tongue

    makes it even more beautiful ^^

  • Sam 06.08.2010

    @gre8194... I have to disagree...

    I think her voice has become even stronger and better.

  • Olsenh 06.08.2010

    Whatever notes she misses, I'm gonna sing for her, Support Bionic!!

  • omerr 06.08.2010

    Great performance, I missed you so much sweet outer

  • XtinoviN 06.08.2010!/?ref=home

  • ge8194 06.08.2010

    i want to say..
    i think christina's voice is not good as before after i watch today show...

    i sooooo love u but u really did bad..
    bless u
    still support BIONIC

  • nickless 06.08.2010

    I want the cd soon!!!! My uncle have to give me the cd when he comes to Peru this month.

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 06.08.2010

    Lucky you, Jamake! I'm waiting for my box to arrive; it's out for delivery, but that could be anytime from now to 4pm. Sad

    Can't wait to get my hands on it, though. I want to see what the booklet is like.

  • Jamake1005 06.08.2010

    I got the 1st copy of Bionic today before they could even put it on the shelve in the store this morn and was late for work!! Album is gr8 Xtina soo worth it! Im sick of all the haters you have the greatest voice ever and I have been a fan since day 1! Love the album and from bottom of my heart I love you Christina you are the greatest!!

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 06.08.2010

    That explains why I hadn't seen Fighter...they filmed it earlier, but didn't show it until now! Just saw it on my tv. Smile

  • Roboxseg 06.08.2010

    Eres la mejor... ... Christina... Sigue Asi..!!

  • Sam 06.08.2010

    Christina... you're such a rockstar!!!!

  • natalie 06.08.2010

    Just bought the new album and I LOVE IT!! Christina you are rocking on the Today show. <3

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 06.08.2010

    I am so glad that I woke up when I did. I didn't set my alarm, but woke up, turned on the tv, and there was Christina. Smile

    I missed Fighter, I guess she played it first, but I caught the replay on the Today Show website. Smile And Bionic/Not Myself Tonight was amazing, that was probably the best version of NMT I've heard live yet. Beautiful was also really good.

    I was a bit bummed that she also seemed to have sung You Lost Me, but The Today Show cut all but the end. Sad I wish they'd upload the full performance on their website.

    Lots of lucky fans in the audience. I wish I could have been there!

  • Neka 06.08.2010

    Performance was amazing ! Laughing out loud Congratulations for album coming out today Smile)) It's a big day Smile History making Smile

  • ge8194 06.08.2010

    love u !

  • stripped_dirrty 06.08.2010


  • christina you are the best artist of the world,He continues writing these songs to which only your you can put this incredible voice, graces for giving us your voice and your music. besos de España!! (L)

  • larirong 06.08.2010

    You go, girl! LOVE YA <3

  • omerr 06.08.2010

    2002.2006 going to be the same as in longing for a great concert awaits us will go

  • JJC 06.08.2010

    it must be another surprised from her

    go on christina aguilera

    we love you

  • Nono 06.08.2010

    No puedo esperar!

  • gdirrty 06.08.2010


  • blackheart 06.08.2010

    all the best chris!!!! i'm in southamerica so i'm sending all my love to you!!

  • linnyDru 06.08.2010

    Wish I could be there to watch it live, but I'll settle for it on my TV! Can't wait!! Xtina is back yall!

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