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Make Bionic No.1

Make Bionic No.1

To All Christina Fans out there. Let's make Bionic a No.1 Album by getting a Digital and CD copy of the album or as many as you can. We need to support her this time more than ever. We need to show all those nasty critics out that she does have have a big fan base and we appreciate true talent and her artistry. Let's make her No.1 again.

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  • lourdes 07.14.2010

    @dazza-aguilera : she did it, when she realesed "Back To Basics" ...

  • lourdes 07.14.2010

    The album selling performances will be helped when she realese "vanity" or "my girl"... but i hope "you lost me" can do it... i wanto to many people collected this amazing album, not only XTINA's fans....

  • kdmiranda 07.10.2010

    I bought mine Guatemala Smile
    She`s loved everywhere!!

  • newfan 07.10.2010

    I bought my copy an hour ago. And I'm listenign right now and I really like it. Specially birds of prey, vanity, glam, ylm, woohoo, stronger than ever, i'm etc...
    And calm down guys, this album gonna be one of the best seller of da year!!

  • ultim8hunk07 06.20.2010

    To all bionic soldier! idolizing her and loving her work of art is not enough. So let's all buy her album in a legal way. So we can help to push through her album sale. What are you waiting for? Buy now!!!

  • CHRISDAL03 06.20.2010

    buy more copies off christina support our girl!!

  • Ok. so It debuted at 3 on the billboard hot 100 and only sold 110,000 its first week. But we can still make it number 1! especially now that "you lost me" is the official second single. I'm sure the album will be around for awhile (on the charts), Not Myself Tonight (after hearing the entire album) is one of the weaker songs and should not have been the first single. Lets make this album a best seller!

  • edurne 06.18.2010

    I just listened to Christina's new cd, and is GREAT, I love her songs, with that 80's sound, specially my favourites: Bobblehead, so fun!and Vanity, of course the slowly ones:Stronger than ever and I am. Congratulations Christina, you did it again!

  • bionic30dirty 06.16.2010

    En mexico, especialemnte en Tabasco, disco agotado en todas las tienda,, christina es numero uno, no importa lo que los demas digan, ela es la voz el talento la belleza, la sensualidad y sexualidad viva forever xtina

  • scotty323 06.16.2010

    xxxxxxttttttiiiiiiinnnnnnaaaaa say
    xxxxxxttttttiiiiiiinnnnnnaaaaa say
    bionic, hit you like a rocket

  • xtinasexy 06.16.2010

    estoy de acuerdo!! xtina al numero uno de españa tambien!

  • Kichigai 06.11.2010

    @Dazza-Aguilera She did, 4 years ago. LMAO!

  • Dazza-Aguilera 06.11.2010

    Haven't you heard? She sold over 300,000 copies in the US alone in the first week lol I'm sure she'll do fine Wink

  • Kichigai 06.11.2010

    Don't worry. Bionic will debut in Top 3.

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