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Fanzine Section - General Discussion Thread

Fanzine Section - General Discussion Thread

This area of the forum is dedicated to the fans, for the fans.
This means anything special or new that all of us can contribute to, or become a part of, or would enjoy looking at... or anything that already exists.

For example, have you created an online Fanzine... or are thinking about creating one? Or perhaps you want to make a special scrapbook... or already made one? And maybe you have an established fansite for fans to come together - if so, promote it!

Other examples include your personal collection of Christina merchandise or CDs.

Please share with us by creating a new topic in this section!

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  • Kruegerite 06.08.2010

    Hey Everybody Smile Make sure to get your BIONIC photos into <a href=""></a> for the BIONIC Release Collage . Deadline is June 10th, 2010 at Midnight !

  • n3grox 06.04.2010

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  • Madame_X 05.30.2010

    Yay, The original "What A Fan Wants" fanzine editors have arrived!
    Check out their thread and read the fanzine here:
    <a href="" title=""></a>


  • Madame_X 05.30.2010

    Seems like the editors for the original official forum fanzine have not arrived yet, lol. Until then, it could be a never-ending wait. Laughing out loud

    Otherwise, we're interested in any other Fanzine that has been made by the fans, for the fans, regarding Christina. Bring it on!

  • I can't wait for the fanzine either! Laughing out loud

  • Madame_X 05.26.2010

    Updates need to come from the fanzine creators themselves. Seems like they haven't arrived yet.

    Anyone else running a fanzine? If so, please create a new thread in this section and link us! ThanX.

  • Prima Donna 05.26.2010

    Yay! Updates! lol!

  • Madame_X 05.25.2010

    Yeah, the fanzine really is excellent eye-candy and stories. Looking forward to the next issue!

    Watch this space for updates soon.

  • BionicFighter 05.24.2010

    I follow the blog/fanzine with my blogger account. You can tell these guys put tons of hard work in, and it absolutely pays off. I always look forward to visiting the site.

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