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Britney, Madonna, Beyonce, Avril, or GaGa

Britney, Madonna, Beyonce, Avril, or GaGa

Its official..
Britney will release a single this month, and the album will come out this march.. gaga's new song release on february, and the album on may.. both beyonce and madonna also release a new album this year..

Who among them as your most awaited list?
I waiting for Britney and Madonna, coz they are my idol...
How about you guys??

Don't forget with Avril!!!
What The Hell is Great..

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  • AllaneZ 06.03.2012

    Nope, the group wanted 150 free tickets.. They reasoned to be the concert supervisor or something like that

  • phantom11 05.24.2012

    Yes I read this group bought 150 tickets to her concert I was like Madone. But I'm sure that her bodyguard would curb-stomp them all.

    She's Christian too, Roman Catholic if I'm not mistaken.

  • AllaneZ 05.24.2012

    And Jakarta is hot as hell right now.. They wouldn't let devil worshiper like Gaga to perform.. Most of em all Muslim.. I and other Christian never had a problem with her appearance..

  • phantom11 05.22.2012

    "And, by the way, just to be clear, I meant b*tchy not bl**dy."

    OMG I never even thought of that. LMAO!!!

    "Selena Gomez says: "Who says you're not perfect?" then Miley cyrus announced: "Nobody's Perfect!" but P!nk insisted: "You're F**king Perfect".. I'm confused, am I perfect or not?"

    You're perfectly imperfect.

    I hear she's causing quite a stir. They wanted to throw her in jail for 6yrs of Judas? That's nuts, the song isn't even about religion. Now I hear there's some Islamic group that's going to be going to one of her concerts to cause trouble.

  • Chris_jc_xa 05.22.2012

    lol, just as perfect as anybody else I suppose, that must be the point.

  • ijamseeds 05.21.2012

    somebody tweeted, Drove me nuts:

    Selena Gomez says: "Who says you're not perfect?" then Miley cyrus announced: "Nobody's Perfect!" but P!nk insisted: "You're F**king Perfect".. I'm confused, am I perfect or not?

  • ijamseeds 05.21.2012

    wow filipinos really went all out for the gaga concert. jealous. never saw that support when christina went here 5 years ago. gagas doing two shows here due to massive demand. whatever

  • Chris_jc_xa 05.21.2012

    And, by the way, just to be clear, I meant b*tchy not bl**dy. Tongue

  • phantom11 05.20.2012

    "I was too b****y last night, wasn't I."

    That time of the month eh.

  • Chris_jc_xa 05.20.2012

    I was too b****y last night, wasn't I.
    Backtracking is not bad, as long as it is not a cover up for a weak live vocal. Lip synching is always bad when a microphone is involved. Because it's hypocritical. Other than that, I believe people who use it cannot sing well live anyway; but at least they have to be good at something else to counter balance.

  • phantom11 05.20.2012

    "The only thing I am happy about is that all I wanted for this tour, was that she performed Heavy Metal Lover as a motorbike. And that's what she does."

    Now that on it own is worth the price.

    "lady gaga just arrived in my country."

    Admit it, you squeed.

    "Vocally she is not at her best, her dancing is still dreadful and she relies on backing track at least as much as Madonna, a woman that has less than half her voice..."

    She's too clutsy to be a dancer. Backtracking, well that's better than lip-syncing but not by much.

    "She is talking to her audience like they are 3 years old."

    Taking the whole Mother Monster thing a little bit too the extreme.

  • Chris_jc_xa 05.19.2012

    Have fun! (if you can)
    I don't think I'd go see her right now.
    She is talking to her audience like they are 3 years old. If it wasn't for that, the merchandise would be fun and cool, but now it is just tragical.

    Vocally she is not at her best, her dancing is still dreadful and she relies on backing track at least as much as Madonna, a woman that has less than half her voice...

    AND I have seen nothing to prove that the BTW ball is anything half as great in terms of theatricality and glam as her past tours.

    The only thing I am happy about is that all I wanted for this tour, was that she performed Heavy Metal Lover as a motorbike. And that's what she does.

    I am that good. So, I am happy for me really. Tongue

  • ijamseeds 05.19.2012

    lady gaga just arrived in my country.

  • ijamseeds 05.12.2012

    4 is beyonce's bionic

  • Beautiful93 05.12.2012

    4 is not a flop, I mean, she sold 1,135,700 copies in US only. And I really really like the album. I think it's better than her previous album I Am...Sasha Fierce.

  • Chris_jc_xa 05.12.2012

    For me it was. Not as strong and successful as her rest albums at least.
    She did choose 2 of the three songs in the album with the least potential as hits to lead the campaign imo.
    Still waiting for the video for the End of Time.

    FF for me was less special, but more consistent and energetic than Circus.
    I listen to circus like this:

    01. Circus
    02. Womanizer
    03. If U Seek Amy
    04. Unusual You
    05. Shattered Glass
    06. Kill The Lights
    07. Phonography
    08. Out From Under
    09. Mmm Papi
    10. Lace and Leather
    11. Mannequin
    12. Blur
    13. Amnesia
    14. My Baby

    My favorites are Out from Under and Mannequin I think. Phonography too.

  • AllaneZ 05.11.2012

    Is Beyonce '4' a flop tho?

  • AllaneZ 05.11.2012

    Circus is better than FF tbh.
    The dvd concert supposed to be released.

  • Chris_jc_xa 04.29.2012

    Listening to Femme Fatale right now, one of the most enjoyable and solid pop albums of recent years.

    01. Till The World Ends
    02. Gasoline
    03. I Wanna Go
    04. How I Roll
    05. (Drop Dead) Beautiful
    06. Inside Out
    07. Trip To Your Heart
    08. Criminal
    09. Big Fat Bass
    10. Seal It With a Kiss
    11. Trouble For Me
    12. Hold It Against Me

  • ijamseeds 04.25.2012

    exactly, i surely did stuff a handful of tabasco in that person's mouth with my words. Wink

  • Chris_jc_xa 04.25.2012

    I totally disagree that those ladies are controlled, but a Britney fan having a strong opinion about Britney being a more engaged and involved songwriter than Christina is hilarious at best.

  • AllaneZ 04.25.2012

    LOL with this.. Only Brit can do is just wait from her producers and managers..
    They controlled her career as same as Rihanna and Katy Perry.

  • candeetwo 04.25.2012
    Okay lol Christina is very conscious of crediting people in her songs, if you notice, she almost always has 'written and composed' for the credits, even if she wrote all the lyrics and only had help with the music section, she throws them together. She once said that she wrote the hook on one of the songs on her first album but didn't get the credit, I think that was GIAB, so she tries to give even the tiniest of efforts. I don't think Brit or her fans do that, for instance, I see her fans saying she wrote a song called 'Everytime' totally by herself, but she didn't, can't remember the co-writer, but I'm sure if I look it up I could find it. Why don't you brag about the song she wrote that became #1 , 'miss Independent'. Kelly added the break to make it personal, but Christina wrote that song when her first album was out. Co-credit or not, Christina has her words coming out of someone else's mouth. hahaha
  • ijamseeds 04.24.2012

    im having a debate with a britney fan and she's sayin britney has written songs with only her as the writer unlike xtina who is just a co-credit... and in there world they see her as a legend. my god

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 04.06.2012

    I kind of agree with you, but if people wanted to follow Christina, they would follow her no matter what the account name is. I think it would only be better to change the name for those who don't know Christina, and don't know that she refers to herself as Xtina.

  • AllaneZ 04.06.2012

    Actually the account made in 2009.. And her first tweet was yesterday..
    She got many followers because the username is @Beyonce and not @TheRealBey.
    Xtina will get same thing if her account changed to @ChristinaAguilera

  • ijamseeds 04.06.2012

    beyonce opened her twitter acct and made her very first tweet. not even 24 hrs had passed and she got more than 3 million followers already? christina has more than a year on twitter and shes just got a tad over a million. life is fair?

  • lIG 03.17.2012

    None of them ,if i want club music I will go to a club. If I want to listen to unnatural recorded voices maybe then I will listen to them, but that is unlikely.

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.12.2012

    Try this:

    01. What The Hell
    02. Push
    03. Wish You Were Here
    04. Smile
    05. Stop Standing There
    06. I Love You
    07. Everybody Hurts
    08. Not Enough
    09. 4 Real
    10. Darlin'
    11. Remember When
    12. Goodbye
    13. Black Star
    14. Alice

    I have really only moved Black Star, and I think it works the best.

    They really did the worse they could when they chose What The Hell. People had already shown they responded really well to serious ballad maker Avril that made Alice, and only when they had warmed up and were ready for more, she suddenly put out WTh. :/ A WTH move totally. And if WTH was descriptive of the album I'd be pleased with it, but the album was an acoustic ballads album, (WTH and Smile excluded). They really made it feel as weird as possible.

  • AllaneZ 03.12.2012

    Goodbye Lullaby is a great album..
    But yeah, same as Bionic, both doesn't got enough promotion from the label..

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.10.2012

    I like 4, and I think that especially it's instrumentals are marvelous. I listen to it like this:

    01. I miss you
    02. Run The World
    03. Countdown
    04. Party (feat Andre 3000)
    05. Best Thing I Never Had
    06. Rather Die Young
    07. Love On Top
    08. I Was Here
    09. Start Over
    10. I Care
    11. End Of Time
    12. 1+1

    It is only that this album was when Beyonce caught the generic lyrics and recycled sound syndrome, which has been at its peak since after 2008-2009 in pop music (after the burst of weird and unusual stuff that was coming out from 2004-2008).
    Also there are a lot of tracks that cancel each other's power in the set list. Why do you need I Miss You (which by the way sounds unfinished, more like an interlude) when you have 1+1 and I Care? Why have Run The World, when End of Time is its exotic version and more original, since it's not a remake? Why have Rather Die Young when you have Party and Best Thing?
    I like all the songs in there except Rather Die Young because the "improvisation" part feels so awkward and poor... And I could live without Best Thing and Run The World (horrible singles imo), and with a more complete I Miss You and deeper more specific lyrics for I Was Here cause they sounded kinda naive or general-at least compaired to how much more deep and serious the instrumentation felt.

    I hope there's more videos to get out, because we already know a video has been shot for End Of Time, and I hope they'd also make vids for I Care, Start Over and I Was Here, but I doubt it since they're already making new music.

    I think the videos for Countdown and 1+1, especially the later, are gorgeous and I enjoy them no matter how many times I watch them. My favs are I Care, Love On Top and Start Over. I have a lot of respect for what 'party' was.

    My favorite elements in the album are the instrumentals of I was here, end of time and 1+1, the lyrics of start over and how the instrumental of Run The World changed into this dance pop instrumental from what it originally was.

    The bonus tracks, I appreciated them more musically I think, but they were not as good pop songs, they were not as instant, memorable and short.

  • Beautiful93 03.10.2012

    I think Beyoncé's album 4 is really good, not weak at all. Songs like I Care, Love On Top, Rather Die Young, Countdown, End Of Time, Party and Schoolin' Life (just to name 'a few') are really worth listening to. Just saying.

  • ijamseeds 03.05.2012

    like she never grew up at all. maybe people need to see growth in her.

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.05.2012

    All I know is that people here (in my country) are tired of her being fun in the same way she was with her first hits, especially when with every record her kind of fun and simple is less challenging and engaged than in the previous record. I would die of joy if she did some project that wouldn't have this same kind of fun seal all over its flagship single.

  • Xtina4ever 03.05.2012

    @ijamseeds Just because she doesn't have a Grammy or a damn AMA that doesn't mean she hasn't accomplished anything. Avril is a damn good artist and does not need any of those awards to prove to the world that she is a good artist. She has plenty of fans and does not need to take any tips from anybody and if she did she sure as hell shouldn't take them from Christina because then you'd come back on this forum and talk about how Avril's copying Xtina.

  • ijamseeds 03.04.2012

    avril, who has been around for 12 years, hasnt accomplished anythiing yet. no grammy . no ama. she got 1 billboard. that's all. she should take some tips from xtina.

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.02.2012

    Did you see Avrl's new video?
    <a href="" title=""></a>
    It begins at 01:50
    Why, why why can't she get her marketing strategy right?
    She released WTH right after Alice and obviously that killed the potential of both the album and the single.
    And now she's releasing her best video from this era, and is not a fans gift thing? What is wrong with her? This song deserved a video so much more than the singles from Goodbye Lullaby anyway, and actually this is the first video since what the hell that actually promotes the song properly, Smile and Wish You Were Here were so shockingly average at best in terms of how they worked for the songs.

  • phantom11 09.19.2011

    "well she's a good mom i guess, a formidable scentrepreneur, a loving girlfriend."

    and a good friend.

  • ijamseeds 09.19.2011

    anyway, so love on top proved beyonce got more octaves than xtina. she sang 4 octave key changes pregnant, dancing and full on. i dunno if there's still anything left for xtina to prove to the world.
    1. Songwriting skills? anyone, artist or not can write powerful messages that can move, sway and influence as long as it's from the heart and true.

    2. High notes? if the voice's lily, an amateur singer, can sing high notes that xtina can't, effortlessly, then there are really a whole lot of professional singers in the world that can outsing xtina in the high notes belting.

    3. Performing? like dancing? (no), singing? (maybe), theatrics? (no), playing musical instruments (she can't), other entertaining stuff? (no. all she does is sing and stoop down and stomp for the high notes).

    4. Acting? Nope/maybe.

    5. Record Sales? Nope.

    6. Composing songs? She can't play piano and/or guitar. how would she do that?

    7. Producing songs? anyone, artist or not, who is into audio technology with all the necessary equipment, can combine sounds to create a track or a beat.

    8. Voice? NO ONE SO FAR can compete with her on her unique sounding voice. Well I guess this is it for her.

    One thing she can do though to salvage her artistic credibility is to try a stage musical. If ever she plans to incorporate theatrics in her performing in the future, at least no one would question her on that since she will be a certified theater artist by then. she loves saying going "full circle" as a woman. when she tries this, shell definitely be "full circling" as an artist/entertainer.

    well she's a good mom i guess, a formidable scentrepreneur, a loving girlfriend.

  • phantom11 09.17.2011

    No it's ridiculous to say that. What? That's only a Christina thing now to be influenced by Etta James? You know the whole "who's copying who" thing is ridiculous to begin with, but even by that standard it's incredibly stupid.

  • xtinarox1113 09.17.2011

    I don't think Beyonce intended for it to sound like she was copying or stealing things from Christina. Afterall, Etta James has inspired millions of people.

  • ijamseeds 09.16.2011

    there's one thing i noticed bout the way beyonce sang love on top at the vma's, her attack and moves were very xtinaesque! here's why:.beyonce says that her love on top song was inspired by her role portraying eta james. she picked up singing techniques from james and applied it on the song. she mentioned things like etta is unapologetic, raw, passioned artist... well xtina already said the same thing about james ten years ago. that's why she sings like there's always no tomorrow and now beyonce again is taking the credit for all the "etta" thing she's doin now. what now people what now?!

  • Rosane_Xtina 07.11.2011

    I'm not a fan of anyone of them!! but I have a great admiration on Madonna, she is a brilliant artist, and she deserves all these success! our queen of pop!!!! my mom is a HUGE FAN of hers!!! she has everything about her....books, doll, all of madonna's cds even the soundtracks, movies....the list is very big!!
    So, I'm expecting Madonna new album, because i loved the other album celebration and hard candy was brilliant!!!! And my mom and i went to her show on december 14th, 2008!!!! What a big show!!!!
    And I also liked Avril Lavigne's new album, the song Alice is very beautiful!!!
    Britney Spears and Gaga, I don't expect nothing from them, I don't like their songs, even though my mom is fan of britney!! Tongue
    And finally, Beyoncé, is a great singer, and her voice is amazing, but on the other hand I don't like, but nothing against her!!
    (I'm Sorry Spears and Gaga's fans) Smile

  • AllaneZ 06.29.2011

    Yes.. possibility of a duet, perhaps.

  • ijamseeds 06.28.2011

    so brit's nowwith the samelabel with xtina?

  • cprice1000 06.28.2011

    lol You scared me XD

    I thought she had been dropped or something, but RCA/Jive only split up and she is "likely" to stay with RCA.

  • AllaneZ 06.28.2011

    Britney moved to RCA Records

  • AllaneZ 06.28.2011

    A new flop album..

  • Chris_jc_xa 06.26.2011

    Beyonce's album is so weak that I cannot believe it! No more than half the songs are worthy of a listen! And even though I like those songs, they are not terribly strong and wouldn't stand out in a normal/standard-quality album, or among the singles released by others right now.
    I love the direction but none of the songs is really there yet. There is nothing noteworthy about them. Really sad about that, especially after the Sasha Fierce album, where there was not one song that didn't stand out. And to think they had more than 70 tracks to chose from...!

  • Chris_jc_xa 06.16.2011

    Brit killed it last night!
    I usually simply don't see any reason to appreciate her live performances. This show however is better than I'd ever expect from her. Loved every bit I've seen so far.
    And all the tracks have newly recorded, auto-tuned only to a minimum vocals; the least she could do, but she had never done it before and she even sings live considerable parts, and she's not half bad. You know, not really good, but really stable and keeping it together and focused which I thought she was not capable of.

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