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Madonna MDNA

Madonna MDNA

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New album MDNA

And XTNA - I think it's better that the original Laughing out loud

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  • Gibson Stacy 12.28.2012

    There isn't much in this concert that you're not departing to heed on their studio albums. There is a little spoken opening to but it adds very modest to the song itself other than to tell a small of the narrative.
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  • Chris_jc_xa 04.30.2012

    Of course it is, they made a bubblegum album that has to be listened to again and again until it sticks and they thought that one live performance would be enough to promote a whole era. And now they think that the tour is somehow promo for the album. I seriously doubt any chart impact will come from touring. This will remain a flop.

  • AllaneZ 04.30.2012

    MDNA is flop already... But the tour will be amazing

  • Chris_jc_xa 04.29.2012

    This actually settled down pretty well. It is a good project, bar how rushed it feels.
    But regardless of how good it is, it still is a rare occasion when I chose to listen to it, it is not particularly appealing in any particular way.
    Girl Gone Wild is still terribly weak and Masterpiece still is an odd addition and has those horrible lyrics...

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.27.2012

    My review:
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.25.2012

    It was truly beautiful. I still listen to pure shores when I go out sometimes. Smile

  • ijamseeds 03.24.2012

    for me orbit's work with all saints were the most perfect marriage in music.

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.24.2012

    Orbit worked on MDNA. And I also heard he's supposed to work with Christina for her new album. He did 5 for MDNA and also the song Masterpiece that won the Golden Globe, but his production in masterpiece was nothing noteworthy.

    My two favorite songs on this album are by him.
    Some Girls, my no.1, mixes elements from all of 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s. And it is very weird, it feels very organic to its core but everything is processed and electronic. My favorite thing about it is that there are a lot of vocal effects and the voice sound very processed, and yet, all the natural qualities of the voice, like pronunciation, tone, breath, etc, are still audible.
    No.2 is Love Spent. It gives me chills every time I play it loud. It is a ballad, that half way through changes into another ballad. Some of the melodies in its instrumental are very similar to Hung Up and Gimme Gimmie Gimmie, but in a way that makes it all the more brilliant.
    My 3rd favorite is not by Orbit, it's B-Day song and it is totally unexpected. It is a duet with MIA, very stylish.

    Orbit's three other songs are Gang Bang, I'm a Sinner and Falling Free.
    Gang Bang, whose actual title is Bang Bang but they changed it to make it fancy, is extremely weird. It is minimal club music, and is very weird in the way M sings. It is supposed to be full of hyperbole and yet she holds back all the time and they have made her voice sound slimmer than it would actually do so it is pretty crazy actually.
    Falling Free describes letting go of a relationship as falling free and it is a loop of verse/chorus again and again with a minimal orchestral instrumental on the background.
    I'm a Sinner is very hippie like, it is totally different from the rest.

    I hope he will keep doing weird stuff for Christina, and I trust that Christina would do better stuff with him. Or at least she'd make them sound better, because really the major problem with MDNA, is its sound; the mixing and the delivery. Just like with Hard Candy. So I believe Christina will not have that problem.

    I also updated the setlist I posted in the previous comment.

  • ijamseeds 03.24.2012

    im waitin for her william orbit kind of sound... coz i read in some news before that shes workin with him. are any of these from orbit?

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.23.2012

    Listen to this:

    01. Give Me All Your Luvin (if a final edit of the solo version gets released replace the album version with the solo one)
    02. Turn Up The Radio
    03. I'm Addicted
    04. Gang Bang
    05. I Don't Give A
    06. Superstar
    07. I'm a Sinner
    08. Some Girls
    09. Beautiful Killer
    10. B-Day Song
    11. Love Spent
    12. Fallin Free

    The stick the rest at the end as bonus tracks.
    It is a nice album. It is not a truly great album. It gets tiring fast. But the great concepts and direction are there, and so are the tunes, and perhaps you'll like some better out of the context of the album, because they drag on too long or have a very fuzzy, not sharp enough sonic quality so they kind of make the whole set lose momentum.

    What I've done here is start with the radio friendly opener, move on to the clubbers, then to the more celebratory ones that are characterized by defiance as Madonna says, and the two ballads finale.

    Here's my comment about the album that I left on William Orbits Facebook page:
    <a href="" title=""></a>

    Isn't Orbit supposed to work with Christina too?

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.12.2012

    I have my review ready, I want to see if the release will actually change what I have to say about the album, but I think it won't. It made sense GMAYL bombed, they stopped promoting after Superbowl, unlike Christina who promoted NMT like crazy...

  • AllaneZ 03.12.2012

    Hahahaha.. Nice Smile
    I don't now but, Give Me all Your Lovin' did not well on the chart..
    Stop playing on the radio..
    Same case happened to NMT 2 years ago..
    First week of released was so booming, but after that, fall quickly..

    But, when MDNA released, I'll purchase it.

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.06.2012

    Did you listen to the snippets or read the reviews? It seems like the album is a collection of common tunes with a general retro feel from an immense variety of genres and music eras, mixed unexpectedly, dressing up simple songs... I only hate a lot of the lyrics by now, I wish they had worked more on those... Everything else seems from ok/bearable, to properly mind-blowing.

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.04.2012

    The writer of the boy culture review of MDNA confirmed on twitter that Birthday Song does indeed feature the needless and recycled line 'Beat Goes On'...
    Even worse, both him and the other person who had attended the listening party with him have confirmed that even if the song features MIA's vocals (which is something they didn't notice), there is no dedicated MIA part in the song...

    On a brighter note, it has been confirmed that the Japanese Deluxe Edition will feature the only decent version of Girls Gone Wild as a bonus track, and that is the Justin Cognito radio edit that I posted earlier.
    Also it has been mentioned but not confirmed that the Taiwanese edition will somehow feature the final solo version of Give Me All Your Luvin, most likely as a bonus track.
    Which is all very great, as the solo version works much better and I've already expressed my opinion about GGW and the remix. I only hope that the solo version does not feature those horrible cheerlead chants that the demo had, I hope they updated them with the ones from the single version of the song.

    Now, if only they released the orchestral version of Masterpiece....of course that would do nothing about the horrible lyrics, but at least the instrumental would be something to appreciate.

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.02.2012

    It sounds amazing, does it not?
    I don't get where songs with attrocious lyrics like Girl Gone Wild and Masterpiece (let's not even talk about the instrumentals) fit in, but I do know there will be plenty of songs on the deluxe edition to replace them with...!
    Also this version of Girl Gone Wild is so much better...!!! Love it:
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.02.2012

    Behold! Tiny official album review. More will come soon because there have been listening parties of some sort for the album the past days.
    Here it is:
    "I Don't Give A..." feat. Nicki Minaj
    Wake up,
    This is your life,
    Children on your own,
    Gotta plan on the phone,
    Meet the press,
    Buy a dress,
    Do all this to impress...

    Do ten things at once
    And if you don't like it
    I don't give a...
    I tried to be the perfect wife...
    I diminished myself...
    It swallowed me...
    If I was a failure
    Then I don't give a...

    Tour-de-force moment on the album. recounting a typical day, becomes intensely honest, telling-off of her critics. The track builds up to a genius, choral, almost Tom Burton-esque conclusion.

    "Gang Bang"
    Shot you dead,
    Shot my lover in the head...
    I'm going straight to hell...
    I've got a lot of friends there
    Drive b****, die b****

    Very theatrical vocals about taking revenge on a lover who ruined her life. She apparently yells on the record "Drive b****, Die b****!" Kind of Stupid, kind of amazing, kind of funny and kind of f***ed up! Full of one essential thing that her contenders lack: DRAMA!

    "Turn Up The Radio"
    Strongest most immediate section on MDNA. Begins like a delicate ballad, pleading the audience to stop for a moment and get away from the world through music. May sound trite, but there's urgency in it's simplicity. Transforms into the albums most pounding moment, reaching a climax that threatens to blow the speakers. Some might find it unusually generic, but she makes it her own. Sure to please fans, fill dancefloors, shake clubs and find a slot on the next series of Glee

    One of the later highlights on the album. The sweetest song she has released since "Cherish". Twirls along, an open-top summer anthem. Serenading a new lover with a hypnotic chorus. It's simple and pretty and a perfect song to sing on her summer concerts! And should definately be a single!

    "Falling Free"
    Deep melancholia! One of the saddest songs she has ever written.

    "Beautiful Killer"
    80's sounding, string laden song as a tribute to french actor Alain Delon

    Most of MDNA is about having fun, but this is also a very dark album! If like a Prayer was her divorce record and Hard Candy suffered, one senses, from being put together as her relationship with Guy Ritchie was falling apart. Then MDNA is a f*** you - to her marriage, the life that came with it, and partly to herself for losing her identity in a partnership. She is out there to recpature who she is, and she has demons to slay!

    Overall it might not have the serious pop intensity of Confessions, it's not as a drastically new or experimental as music critics might like, but it's fun, f***ed up, dancey, and full of drama. It's what her fans have been waiting for: a wallop enough of an album to put her back up there, a checkmate against Lady Gaga, who despite her brilliance, doesn't quite give you songs that are as easy to disco dance to as some of these are. Is Madonna still "the Queen" as Nicki Minaj gabs at one point? On the strength of MDNA, it's hard to argue against.

    NEW Tracklisting:
    1. "Girl Gone Wild"
    2. "Gang Bang"
    3. "I'm Addicted"
    4. "Turn Up the Radio"
    5. "Give Me All Your Luvin'" (featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.)
    6. "Some Girls"
    7. "Superstar"
    8. "I Don't Give A" (featuring Nicki Minaj)
    9. "I'm a Sinner"
    10. "Love Spent"
    11. "Masterpiece"
    12. "Falling Free"
    Deluxe edition bonus tracks
    13. "Beautiful Killer"
    14. "I f***ed Up"
    15. "B-Day Song" (featuring M.I.A.)
    16. "Best Friend"
    17. "Give Me All Your Luvin' (Party Rock Remix)" (featuring LMFAO and Nicki Minaj)

    "MDNA" will hit the stores on March 26.
    Read the first review of MDNA in Attitude Magazine.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.27.2012

    well, yes but, the lyrics of celebration were tightly structured, form-perfect, musical, precise, and they helped her explore a new style of vocal melodies that had a dramatic feel and actually manipulated the beat to their benefit. It was seriously GOOD.
    This is what celebration would've been if it was seriously bad.
    Oh well, so far I only like Give Me All Your Luvin... I think I will cancel my pre-order, I ave already bought Give Me All Your Luvin seperately anyway, and of course I paid for it again when I pre-ordered the album and the track re-downloaded.
    What does your question mean? Is it literal? I'm from Greece.

  • krtoun 02.27.2012

    And where are you from? Girl Gone Wild sounds like Celebration (video version)....

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.27.2012

    Dear lord, Girl Gone Wild is horrible, it is like a J-Lo/Nicole Scherzinger reject from their last albums. The vocals are seriously bad, like she had a sore throat and seriously did not want to record it but she was forced to. So sad because the pre-chorus and chorus are good, but the rest of the track, the production and the delivery are just there, alongside the lyrics and production of Masterpiece... I cannot believe that the best thing so far in this era is Give Me All Your Luvin, which is not strong enough for a Madonna song anyway.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.26.2012

    I wanted to go to Vienna too, but had no money. Sad
    Yes, all you say is true. It just seems like all those things would still get her more income and exposure without any considerable expense of time or money, and yet they simply didn't care at all to do those things.

  • krtoun 02.26.2012

    I don't like Masterpiece very much. I've heard it probably 3 times. It's unfinished song for me.
    She doesn't promote new albums anymore. She release album to support tour, which is bigger source of money. I see tour ads everywhere. I've already bought ticket to Vienna. Smile And W.E. - I don't care at all. I'm interested in music mainly.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.25.2012

    Also what do you think about their promotion so far? I think they missed a big chance by not promoting Masterpiece as a soundtrack single around the time of its win. The song already has a fanbase practically, and it could've raised awareness about the film, and the MDNA album AND guarrantee more sales for the soundtrack AND make some chart impact, if they just compiled a video of W.E. movie clips to go with the song, and served it to the radio and tv channels. And then, they could just add it as a bonus track at the very end of the MDNA tracklist.
    I doubt it will make as much of an impact on sales of MDNA now that it has not been promoted in any way and remember that it is only there for that sole purpose. I was not really meant to be included originally.

    And then they should just begin promoting GMAYL right after the super bowl, instead of abandoning it right after super bowl like they did. It was practically treated as a throwaway single, and I repsect that that might have been intentional, but it still was a waste. If they started promoting right after superbowl, then that would have guarranteed so much better chart positions around the world and would've caused so much more buzz around the album release. And I'd get it if the single was not adressed to the general pubic, but the thing is the single was absolutely adressed to the general public and not the fans or the music experts and lovers.

    I don't know, it just all feels so messy with all the missed opportunities and the abandoned ideas. If they hadn't, then they would have two releases that are more successful by now, compared to the "success" that GMAYL is having in reality. And then they wouldn't have to rush Girls Gone Wild out already, as it would just need to be ready around the time of the release of the album, and it would be the third single in a row to cause a buzz around the album, while now it will basically be the first one.

    And don't get me started on how they missed soooo many sales of the single by providing it as a free download at the same time that they made it commercially available... Or how they had already announced that Masterpiece will be on MDNA, before the soundtrack had even been released-which means that many people who would've bought the sountrack only for Masterpiece, never ended up buying the way things turned out, as they simply pre-ordered MDNA. Shockingly bad decisions.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.25.2012

    What do you think of Masterpiece? For me it has the worse lyrics on an official Madonna release. And the list of the worse lyrics includes It's so cool, superpop, Broken, love makes the world go round, ain't no big deal, can't stop.
    Ok, it's not the worst. It is a tie between most of them. But it is the first one to be featured on an album since love makes the world go round, and it only makes me afraid of what's to come...
    And the instrumental that is like a bad demo of To Have and Not to Hold doesn't help either.

    However the delivery and the melodies are beyond gorgeous. For those two aspects and given it's competition, I believe it deserved the Golden Globe, it really was the one with the most cinematic feel to it. And it ony makes the lyrics and production feel that much more terrible when you know that the feeling and the melodies are there...

  • Rosane_Xtina 02.10.2012

    I saw Madonna's new album in the App Store, and my mom loved it (because she is her huge fan)!!
    The Video of her new single "Give me all your luvin'" is AMAZING!!!! Madonna is the eternal Queen of Pop Music!!!

  • TheRealJulie 02.10.2012
    I totally love Madonna's work... and not just her music.
  • Chris_jc_xa 02.08.2012

    Lagging during the opening of music. After the flips were done, the performance got back to being amazing.

    Overall absolutely fine, well executed and the attention to detail and wealth of was mind-blowing. It could only be better if it was live, but then everyone would attack her for her singing, because of course it would not be good, she's Madonna. Plus she was doing so many things at the same time so...

  • krtoun 02.08.2012

    What do you think about Super bowl performance?
    <a href=";v=ROkhklj0ZGs" title=";v=ROkhklj0ZGs">;v=ROkhklj0ZGs</a>

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.06.2012

    it's a good thing. the simplicity and the references in the lyrics, the way it addresses fans, fellow stars and mentions a Madonna classic is epic.
    however it is amateurishly delivered, produced and mixed.
    which means worse than Hard Candy so of course nothing short of a bit hideous really, shame on them.
    at least the video is the best thing ever.

  • ijamseeds 02.05.2012

    l-u-v madanna. basic elementary spice girls infectious pop and nowhere near genius creation

  • phantom11 02.05.2012

    That song got stuck in my head after watching it. I'll leave that up to you if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

  • krtoun 02.05.2012

    Superbowl performance tonight.
    And new video: Give me all your luvin'
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • candee2 02.03.2012


    amazing the things you people can do with a picture.

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