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Bionic and Keeps Getting Better photoshoots and artwork

Bionic and Keeps Getting Better photoshoots and artwork

Hello everybody! Here you can post photos and artwork especially from the Bionic era, but also the Keeps Getting Better era!

I am also looking for some specific photos!
I need them in the best quality possible without any watermarks and ideally digital pictures, not photos from the physical booklets as I already own them...
Can you help me? Post any links or photos you find here, but personally I would LOVE if you find or have the following to post them here:

-The original Bionic album cover picture, or just the mechanical bionic side of the face in as insanely high resolution as possible. I already have a 1500x1500 that has much, much more detail that the one on the album, but the more detailed the better!!! Because I want to use extreme closeups of that part...
-The fan edition cover and poster in HQ, as much as possible, not looking like photos taken with a camera...
-Christina's shot of the Bionic cover, but with her full face and real lips, without the tip of her head cropped.

Additionally, if possible:
-Artwork and drawings and designs related to the elements used on the bionic album like birds, pipes, and gramophones and musical instruments, symbols and stuff.
-Artwork and drawings and designs related to the elements used on the bionic fans edition like on the amazing cover and the poster that comes with it.

These, among others I have gathered will be used for a recreation of the album package and booklet, to go along with my version of the album:

01. My Girls
02. I Hate Boys
03. Bionic
04. Elastic Love
05. Not Myself Tonight
06. Desnudate
07. Woohoo
08. Love&Glamour
09. Glam
10. Morning Dessert
11. Sex for Breakfast
12. Lift Me Up
13. I am (stripped version)
14. My Heart
15. All I Need
16. You Lost Me
17. Prima Donna
18. Vanity

as such, any contribution regarding the letter fonts used for the album booklet would be greatly appreciated too!

Also as for Keeps Getting Better, if you can find any artwork and photos from that era, specifically related to the comics and superheroes theme of the album, it will be used in a similar project for a list made up of these songs:

Main body:
-Monday Morning
-Keeps Getting Better
-Kimono Girl
-Little Dreamer
-Birds of Prey
-Stronger Than Ever

Bonus Material:
-Genie 2.0
-You Are What You Are
-I Am (album version)
-Falling In Love Again

After all of this I will post my version of Stripped too, re-ordered in a similar manner to that of Bionic...but I will not remake the booklet for that one!
So thank you in advance as well, for contributing if you can!!! Smile

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  • xtinarox1113 02.26.2012

    No problem, I liked helping Smile

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.25.2012

    All your help was very nice xtinarox1113, much much appreciated Smile

  • xtinarox1113 02.23.2012

    That's all I could find either on Google and Yahoo as far as the poster goes.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.23.2012

    As for the final one missing, the poster, I have only found this file:
    <a href="" title=""></a>
    in several sites too...It's not big enough. :-/

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.23.2012

    YES! Exactly what I meant, thank you so much, it's perfect!!! Smile

  • xtinarox1113 02.22.2012

    This is the biggest I could find for the fan edition cover at least I think this what you meant:
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.22.2012

    I took the close ups I needed from the regular cover.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.22.2012

    Yeah, I did the same, and I came across a 1500x1500. It obviously was of a lower quality though. When I was coming across same size images, I supposed they were same quality. Apparently that was a mistake... Now I only need to find the fan edition cover and poster. I have found a 1000x1000 poster, but cannot find any higher. I think I might take pictures of my own copy, I will just have to be careful with the lighting.

  • xtinarox1113 02.22.2012

    No problem Smile I found it on Google. I image searched "Bionic album cover Christina Aguilera", found one that was similar to that and hovered over it and clicked more sizes. Just in case you wanted to know how I found it.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.22.2012

    AND I think it's better than the one I had, thank you so much! Smile

  • xtinarox1113 02.22.2012

    This one is 1500x1500:
    <a href=";imgrefurl=;usg=__X-qbN1Ehm0TfKaR2JdgtfniLL_c=&amp;h=1500&amp;w=1500&amp;sz=260&amp;hl=en&amp;start=0&amp;zoom=1&amp;tbnid=OSYqApbS-fp9DM:&amp;tbnh=160&amp;tbnw=158&amp;ei=6VFFT8n5CqjjiAKIq_SwDg&amp;itbs=1&amp;iact=hc&amp;vpx=105&amp;vpy=38&amp;dur=3693&amp;hovh=225&amp;hovw=225&amp;tx=90&amp;ty=243&amp;sig=113705812559156990047&amp;page=1&amp;ndsp=5&amp;ved=0CDEQrQMwAA" title=";imgrefurl=;usg=__X-qbN1Ehm0TfKaR2JdgtfniLL_c=&amp;h=1500&amp;w=1500&amp;sz=260&amp;hl=en&amp;start=0&amp;zoom=1&amp;tbnid=OSYqApbS-fp9DM:&amp;tbnh=160&amp;tbnw=158&amp;ei=6VFFT8n5CqjjiAKIq_SwDg&amp;itbs=1&amp;iact=hc&amp;vpx=105&amp;vpy=38&amp;dur=3693&amp;hovh=225&amp;hovw=225&amp;tx=90&amp;ty=243&amp;sig=113705812559156990047&amp;page=1&amp;ndsp=5&amp;ved=0CDEQrQMwAA"></a>

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.21.2012

    I now only reaaaally need HQ large scale images of the Bionic fan edition cover and poster, and would really be happy with a larger than 1500x1500 sized version of the original Bionic album cover.
    After that, I can start creating my version of the Bionic booklet and album packaging so your help would be so much appreciated...
    Also I came up with two versions of the album packaging, one for the standard edition and one for the deluxe edition even though I was not planning to, can't wait to share them!

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