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She's So Beautiful Now!

She's So Beautiful Now!

Christina is so BEUTIFUL now that she has gained some weight. Her figure is simply gorgeous. Being a 46 year old MALE CEO, I have seen many attractive women in my day, but Christina is up their at the top now that she has filled out...and I know alot of men who feel the same way.

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  • Elviro Boucher 05.03.2014

    She most definitely looked adorable with the extra weight.

  • christina siempre se ve hermosa

  • MarBarr 04.24.2012

    Good praise ThankYouXtina. It is nice hearing positive comments, it convinces my young mind that the world will always have good. Also, i think its plain sad how body image plays a huge part in society and society's view on artists such as Christina. Appearance has nothing to do with character.

  • ThankYouXtina 04.21.2012

    I want to thank Christina for not hiding, like I do. I love to see her being herself at any weight, and constantly think of her and how I wish I could love my own body's curves when I gain weight and are no longer skinny. I am a 32 yo mommy, 135 lbs, and though most wouldn't guess, I have major anxiety going out in public because I am not 105 lbs anymore. I have body dismorphia, where I just can't see what others see and everything just bothers me in the mirror. I don't care how anyone else looks, but I feel so damn uncomfortable in my own skin. Since her genie days, I have been told I look like her, so I have watched her change as my body changes and ages too, and wanted to be more accepting of myself as she has "owned" her changes. I think that is lovely and powerful of her. It means so much to me that she lets us all see her unashamed, truly beautiful, and more like me as I am--a curvy mommy. She tells me I shouldn't hide.

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 03.24.2012

    Christina has been and will always be beautiful. She changes her style all the time and always looks great!

  • Xtina4ever 03.07.2012

    She will always be beautiful in my eyes

  • ijamseeds 03.06.2012

    i want to see her in skinny denim!!! and stilletos she'll look hot

  • phantom11 03.06.2012

    Except for the hat she sure looked gorgeous last night on the voice.

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