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Criss Tareyton's Book Release Information

Criss Tareyton's Book Release Information

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The Quest of the Messengers Doomsday Prophecy of 2012

Book Release Information- Created by the Author Criss Tareyton


The quest of the Messengers Doomsday Prophecy of 2012

the characters in this book reminded me of my favorite singers and actors.

As I wrote I visualize each of them acting out the scene in my book

1. Jade- Michelle Yeoh
2.Harmony- Christina Aguilera
3.Marley- Bob Marley
4.Lennon- John Lennon
5.Yumi-Rani Mukherjee
6.Mookie- Jackie Chan
7. Songan- Gil Birmingham

The Quest of the Messengers story takes place in seven different places around the world.

Seven people from different background and culture are chosen to for fill an ultimate quest.

Every soul on earth has taken part in causing the balance in the universe to lose leverage.

Negative energy has surpass globally.

In order to restore balance on earth and in the mind, body and spirit of every living being.

Four words are in honor of the quest.

The seven of the chosen are to conquer the quest before The

Day of Sorrows enter the world on December 21, 2012.

Written by Criss Tareyton-3/24/2012.cSoldier4JahProduct

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  • MarBarr 04.19.2012

    Interesting, sounds like a good read.

  • candeetwo 03.29.2012
    oh wow I love that mystic concept! :) keep it going!

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